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All About The Benjamins

She Bens, She Breaks

Why is Ben Shapiro running cover for a far-Left Hollywood director who has serious questions to answer about his morbid fascination with the sexual abuse of minors?


Little Miss Turncoat

Kassy Dillon’s late-term conversion to the cult of NeverTrump and Milo-hating is even more bizarre than it first appears, because Kassy is a former Milo mega-fan.


LEAK: Ben Shapiro's YAF Launches Smear Campaign ...

A damning internal memo leaked to the media reveals the Ben Shapiro-controlled Young Americas Foundation is engaged in an initiative to overthrow Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA. The memo, obtained by the Washington Examiner, and written by YAF’s vice president Kimberly Begg, seeks to align Kirk with Nazis and racists, suggests he may be embezzling…


Ben Shapiro Would Really Like You To ...

Staff Writer

CNN contributor, #NeverTrumper, and Republican establishment talking-head Ben Shapiro wants all his fans to wish President Trump a happy birthday… for a not-so-small fee.    The Daily Wire editor-in-chief and New York Times sweetheart conservative sent a massive email blast out to his mailing list Tuesday collecting signatures, and dollars, in exchange to send a message…