Milo tours the Bundestag with Alternative für Deutschland MP Petr BystronPhoto: Collin McMahon

FULL TEXT: MILO Speech to German MPs and Journalists in Berlin

On May 11, Milo addressed Alternative für Deutschland and CDU MPs, journalists and alternative media bloggers in Berlin about press freedoms and Islam. The talk was originally scheduled to take place in the German Parliament, and had to be moved after complaints. YouTube cut the live feed ten minutes into the speech, citing “hateful content” and issuing a strike against the channel hosting it.

My name is Milo Yiannopoulos, and for those of you who don’t know me, I am the most lied-about, most censored man on the planet. So, it’s fitting for me to be here today to address the most lied-about political party in Europe.

… even if we’re not having this speech where we should be. It’s fine, I’m not mad. It’s not like it exposed me to massive global humiliation getting disinvited from the Bundestag or anything.

It was only the Washington Post and maybe 50 or 60 other newspapers. Seriously, don’t worry about it.

I’m not even bothered, shut up!

In 2016, working at Breitbart under Steve Bannon and then on my own from a tour bus on American college campuses, I helped to get Donald Trump, or Daddy, elected.

My memoir of this period, Dangerous, was a New York Times bestseller, a smash hit that shifted over 200,000 copies to people who don’t normally read books.

I helped the Right in America win the culture war with young people. Because I was an effective supporter of Trump, helping to make conservatism cool after decades of it being, well, kind of embarrassing to be Right-wing, I became a figure of hate to the progressive Left. I became a target.

When I showed up to UC Berkeley in February 2017, Antifa stormed the city and smashed up the campus, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the university and downtown Berkeley itself.

I’ve been called a racist, an anti-Semite, a misogynist, a white supremacist, a homophobe, an islamophobe, a pedophile apologist and a transphobe.

Only islamophobe is true.

I’ve been called these things not by random weirdos on the internet, but by journalists at the most prestigious publications in the world.

Well, I’ve been called them by the random weirdos too.

Journalists don’t call me all these names because I’m an extremist. I am not an extremist. I have never uttered a racist statement in my life. I am married to a black man.

They call me names because I’m great at converting moderates and left-wingers to our cause. I don’t think anyone has ever been so good at it. That’s why they call you guys names too—you’re persuading people.

I’m so dangerous I’m like Voldemort. I’m The Fag Who Must Not Be Named.

You can’t even mention my name on some of those networks. If you say my name three times on Facebook, you lose your whole account. I’m Bloody Mary but with good hair.

Being me is like being in the Boy Scouts when you get every possible badge and you get to meet the President, except in my case, the reward for all these badges of honor is being banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal, Venmo, Eventbrite, Shopify, Patreon, Coinbase, Periscope, Mailchimp and Tumblr.

And the continent of Australia. The whole place. I can’t go there. For the rest of my life.

They call me names, and then they deny me the right to defend myself by banning me from every social network they can find.

You’d expect all this from feminist activists, I guess. You’d expect it from Left-wing political parties. You’d expect it from terrorist sympathizers on the internet.

But what about journalists? Instead of expressing shock and concern about the incredible, systematic censorship I have been subjected to, reporters across the Western world have applauded it, because they don’t like my politics.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten how recently the Stasi closed shop right here in Berlin. I’m happy to remind them. It was 1990. Germans should know better than to embrace this stuff again so quickly.

If you so much as add my name to an event listing on Eventbrite, if you just cite me as one of a dozen or more speakers at your event or rally, they will close your entire account without warning and keep all the money.

I’ve been banned not only from social media, but from payment processors and ticketing services. They want to rob me of the ability to make a living and get my message out to people. Not because I did anything wrong or said anything especially outrageous, but because I am popular and good at persuading people.

The media loves pointing out when you’ve been banned from something. Have you noticed that? They’ll say “Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been banned from Twitter and Facebook…” It’s almost part of my name at this point, one of the things you always have to say afterwards, like MP, or PhD.

Mohammed, peace be upon him. Milo, banned from Twitter and Facebook.

And it sounds damning until you realize it’s the same sort of people writing these stories, deciding the bans, coming up with nonsense theories about “hate speech” in university departments and creating government policy to spare the feelings of the perpetually aggrieved. All the same people.

So anyway, all of this is just to say, I have special insight into freedom of speech and the behavior of tech companies and the media.

As some of you may know, meine Mutter ist aus Bayern. Ich habe kurze Zeit in Berlin gewohnt. Es ist also schön wieder da zu sein. Ich hatte mit den besten Sex meines Lebens hier, und das nicht nur im Berghain.

Today I am a respectable and wholesome Christian, which makes me as rare in Berlin as a 14-year-old female virgin in Damascus.

Of course, it’s not all bad news in Syria. As we now know from the AfD’s important fact-finding mission in March of 2018, the country is doing just fine. “Normal daily life.”

You know, in December, Damascus is really quite festive. There are more Christmas decorations on a single lemonade stand than in the whole of Kreuzberg.

I still love Berlin, despite, you know, Berlin, and I still love Germany. That’s why I need to give you some hard truths today. You’re not going to like everything you hear. But it’s all true and I mean it nicely.

I am a vision of what will happen to you if you are good at your job—if you speak enough truth to power and annoy enough Leftists with facts, reason and logic. I am what happens if you are effective at making the Left squirm, if you shatter the hold they have over the vulnerable and credulous.

I’m the reason your leaders are afraid—they fear the sort of consequences I’ve suffered.

I am joined in this battle with friends like Roger Stone, Laura Loomer and Alex Jones. At the expense of easy fame and wealth, we believe the truth is important and worth fighting for. Nationalism and conservatism are not clubs to be joined for the sake of seeming virtuous or interesting.

They are a set of principles we have arrived at from seeking the truth. It is a conclusion we achieved from analyzing ideas that work and ideas that don’t work. I tell you this because it’s worth knowing and our opponents have never bothered to ask.

Despite everything, I am happy. And that annoys the feminists and social justice warriors even more than the things I say.

Given the assassination attempt on Frank Magnitz, I am risking my life just being here in Berlin, which makes me sad.

I’m not only at risk here today from Antifa but also from Germany’s new Muslim population. They don’t care about politics but if they find out I’m gay and Jewish I am toast!

I’m going to talk to you today about how the enemy functions and how to beat them, and I’ll tell you how to keep a smile on your face while you do it.

I’m currently in the middle of a bus tour of Britain supporting Carl Benjamin in his bid to become a UKIP MEP. I’m sorry we are having European elections at all, but since we are, we may as well have MEPs who want to get away from this slow-motion car crash as quickly as possible.

But I did find time to brush up on some German words I didn’t use much before. Tell me if I’m getting them right.

For instance, “Vielfalt,” which means white people clapping while Muslims murder homosexuals and chase Jews out of the country. Not quite happening on the streets of Hamburg yet, but give it six months.

There’s “Gleichberechtigung,” which describes the male suicide epidemic.

“Eine Armlänge Abstand.” That’s the minimum safe distance to maintain between sane people and transsexuals.

“Flüchtling” means benefits cheat.

And “Bereicherung.” I wasn’t sure about this, but it appears to be something about female doctors getting spat on and cursed at, churches getting vandalized and asylum centers burning down. Sorry, I’m a bit rusty.

When we look at the political polarization of the last few decades, we see that the Right has got a bit more Right-wing in most Western countries, while the Left has gone… totally bananas.

They call this socialism and social justice in polite society “centrist,” but it is not centrist. It is extreme. It is built on lies and bad faith and they enforce it with intimidation and censorship.

Who could in good faith claim to support women’s rights, while turning a blind eye to the systematic rape of young girls, as happened in Rotherham and Telford and a dozen other British cities, when authorities were too terrified of appearing racist or “Islamophobic” to prosecute Pakistani rape gangs?

Condemning this will get you branded “far-Right.” If that’s the case, aren’t we all far-Right these days? Isn’t everyone? We are all far-Right now.

It’s all so stupid.

Stupid, like our leaders.

We no longer seem to prize intelligence in public life. It’s a shame! We reward people who can stay in the headlines but out of trouble. So, we don’t have any dangerous ideas floating around anymore. We don’t have serious debates. We elect slippery weasels who suck at everything and leave everything they touch a bit more damaged, useless and of course expensive than before.

The decline in grandeur on this continent is staggering. Europe used to have empires. They were run by emperors. Then we had kingdoms. They were run by kings. Now we have countries.

I stole that from the internet, but it was too good not to share.

We used to have great statesmen leading our countries, men of commanding intellect and experience. Thomas Jefferson spoke seven languages. That’s even more than Melania Trump, who speaks six.

Angela Merkel only speaks three languages, but she can say allahu akhbar in all of them.

German establishment politicians are so hopeless and stupid that they led the charge on the EU Copyright Directive’s Articles 11 and 13, which, if fully enforced in the years to come, will destroy internet culture forever.

These rules will break search software, parody, video content and place such a horrendous burden on content creators and software companies that they will effectively throttle creativity and suffocate the remix and reboot culture that makes the internet so fabulous.

Germany is run by people who think this Neuland is mysterious, incomprehensible uncharted territory. Most of your MPs are like children who try to win Twitter arguments by saying, “I have more followers than you!”

And that’s before we even get on to what they have done to and with Facebook, where reasonable, respectable expressions of concern about gigantic levels of immigration, from decent, law-abiding German citizens, are now ruthlessly scrubbed from the platform.

Meanwhile, Antifa post their assassination guides online, brag about acts of terrorism, and share bomb-making recipes. And journalists cover for them.

Why? Because they’re the same people.

Rich white progressive idiots who despise the German working classes. When they’re not lying about you in the pages of Der Spiegel, they’re blowing up your MPs’ offices and celebrating on Twitter, secure in the knowledge that nothing will be done.

Antifa is simply the military wing of the media, and completely unlike fascists, they want to control everything you think and say. Also, unlike fascists, they will hurt you if you don’t comply. And they will hurt your families, too.

All it takes is for one bitter, middle-aged cat lady at taz to label you a Nazi and Antifa has the permission it needs to beat you to death.

It’s just another sign that we are governed by the mediocre, led by the corrupt, and told what to do by the arrogant and the evil. Nowhere is this mediocrity and fear more apparent than in the media.

The United States, where I live now, has the dumbest media in the world. They are absolutely colossal morons. Boneheads. And, just like here, they have a monopoly on what is published about the country they are destroying.

How did they ever come to be so powerful?

I call it the “prestige economy,” in which your value is determined by your ability to stay out of the headlines, to use the right words, to express the right opinions in public and pander to the right people. It doesn’t have anything to do with your talent.

It’s the primary motivating force behind polite society in the twenty-first century.

The prestige economy is why newspapers are closing their comment sections. Have you noticed that, how you can’t comment any more under news stories?

They don’t want the grubby, illiterate readers having opinions next to their pristine 1,200 word columns. Good heavens! Do you know some of those people don’t even have university degrees? Horrifying.

What’s even more embarrassing is that readers were humiliating journalists by pointing out their errors and lies. What did newspapers do? What I’d do, if I owned a media company, is get better journalists. Employ smarter people!

But they didn’t do that. They just closed the comment sections and said everyone was a troll and that all the “abuse” and “harassment” was too much for their delicate constitutions.

We didn’t abuse them. We didn’t harass them. We just weren’t prepared to have them lie to us and get away with it.

The prestige economy is responsible for political correctness, too. You can’t say anything anymore, even things that are factually true, such as: There’s only a difference between what men and women earn because women have to have babies and even when they don’t, men work longer hours and choose higher-paying careers.

… so they can buy you nice handbags, ladies!

And, of course, the prestige economy is why I couldn’t speak at Parliament like I was supposed to today, because the elites see someone like me as a disease that has to be repelled so it doesn’t infect the whole body.

Guess what, guys, it’s too late. I’m Aids. You’ve got it and there’s no cure.

Calling someone “far-Right” or calling them a white supremacist isn’t a descriptive label. It’s not done because that’s what they think you are. It’s done to make you sound so outrageous that ordinary people won’t listen to you want to associate with you.

But it’s not working as well as it used to. Normal people don’t live in the prestige economy. They don’t have to worry about getting invitations to the right parties. They want to know the truth, wherever that truth may be coming from.

Normal people don’t want to be lied to in the form of political correctness. They see it for what is. The comedian George Carlin put it best. He said political correctness was “fascism pretending to be manners.”

Political correctness is really a mechanism of control. Because if you can tell people how they can and cannot talk, you’re a step closer to telling them how they’re allowed to think.

Political correctness creates alternate realities and fictions, such as “Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism,” “Antifa is an organization that fights fascism,” and, “Feminism is about equality.”

If feminism were about leveling the playing field between men and women, they would all have retired twenty years ago. They’d be playing Scrabble and knitting on Caribbean cruise ships.

Political correctness gives rise to conspiracy theories like the gender pay gap—a hoax—campus rape culture—another hoax—and the female orgasm.

Political correctness also gives rise to uniformity of thought.

As I mentioned at the start, we share some common heritage so I know that the German mindset is that we should all have one opinion and trust in the wisdom of the leader. Just following orders, as they say.

It’s not quite true that Germans have no idea what freedom is and have to be periodically saved from their infatuation with dictatorships. That’s absolutely not true and I wish people would stop saying it! It’s so cruel.

Either way, I’m here to encourage a bit of iconoclasm. I know ingenuity and imagination are lurking in the German imagination somewhere, or you wouldn’t be such brilliant engineers.

I’m here to warn you against mindless consensus. It is a breeding ground for authoritarianism and tyranny. That’s how we got the bureaucratic European superstate my British countrymen are currently trying to escape.

And it’s how you get groupthink, like all of the media saying the same things all the time.

Dissent is the only thing that prevents dictatorship. We need to talk about things. For instance, we should talk about your new residents from Syria and the effect of replacement-level immigration from war-torn Middle Eastern countries on German society. Especially on women and homosexuals, and especially on Jews.

Rational debate is how civilized societies function. In those countries where people can’t express themselves freely, people resolve disagreements with violence.

Political correctness makes people say things that aren’t true. For instance, that all those fires at asylum centers were set by the “far-Right.” Yeah, okay. Makes total sense.

Your media blames everything on the far-Right and links every perceived bit of bad behavior to Nazis, except the behavior of Muslims, who, let’s remember, fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Hitler to exterminate Jews and defeat the Anglo-American alliance.

The social attitude problems are by no means restricted to fresh Syrian migrants.

Ask your children about the Turkish kids they go to school with, and what those third-generation Turkish children say about Jews. They are more extreme than either generation before them, just like Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims in England.

If you want to really scare yourself, ask those kids whether they believe in evolution.

The problem is getting worse, not better, and instead of addressing it, your leaders have imported more of these regressive, woman-hating, gay-hating attitudes while refusing to acknowledge that the problem even exists.

When was the last time you heard this honestly debated on television or in a newspaper?

It seems to me that journalists, academics and entertainers are not moved any longer by sincere devotion to principle. Merely by self-preservation and career advancement at the cost of those they are supposed to be serving.

We have abandoned meritocracy for affirmative action and identity politics. Now, the least able and least admirable rule over the rest of us, engorging themselves on our taxes and consolidating power in an aristocracy of the mediocre with fear, shaming and censorship.

And yet all that is required to shatter this crystal citadel is for the rest of us to utter two words: Das reicht.

Nothing bad happens when you listen respectfully, and then say: No. That’s enough.

What will it take to stiffen Germany’s collective spine? I know that encouraging you to be rebels won’t work. It’s not in your nature. The British are gadflies and rascals, but Germans see virtue in conformity and order.

Perhaps someone in this room has the answer. What I do know is that it’s dizzyingly simple once you pluck up the courage to do it.

My journeys on American college campuses have taught me that simply saying, No—Das reicht—sends the enemy into paroxysms of rage and confusion. They aren’t used to people standing up to them and they don’t know how to behave when you do.

What tends to happen is they rage out for a bit and then move on to a new target. Das reicht. Try it. And do it with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Authoritarians hate nothing more than the sound of laughter they can’t control.

Pointing out this simple but powerful truth is what I’ve been doing my whole career, and it’s why I have acquired the reputation, good and evil, that I have.

It’s what my friend Carl Benjamin is doing with his candidacy for UKIP in the South-West of England.

Those politicians with the courage and the conviction to simply say, Das reicht!, cruise to victory. What’s holding them back isn’t the missteps or the gaffes or the mistakes. The only thing holding them back is their own lingering anxiety that the censors might be right—that they should temper your language or soften their positions to appear more reasonable.

Nope! These are not reasonable times. The voters are not looking for reasonable solutions. They are looking for courage.

Donald Trump is President of the United States for one simple reason: He disobeyed the diktats of establishment journalists and politicians and chose instead to embody the heroic male virtues for which his supporters adore him.

He was courageous, in an age of cowardice. He was forthright, in an age of dissembling and euphemism. He was relentless, in an age of fatigue. He was consistent, in an age of u-turns and self-doubt.

Urging you to rediscover the heroic masculine virtues so mocked by today’s timid, weak, feminized German culture isn’t a nostalgic appeal to darker times from our continent’s past. It is a reminder that without courage, confidence and strength, all that is good and decent about European civilization is at risk.

To the populist, nationalist, pro-freedom politicians in Europe, I say: The people are with you. We want more brazenness, not less. Give it to us and we will reward you.

The establishment press lies, deflects and projects. They accuse us of conspiracy theories about immigrants. What about Right-wingers getting blamed for asylum centers burning down?

What a low opinion of ordinary people the media must have to say that AfD and other populist, nationalist movements are swept to victory on a wave of racism and anti-immigrant sentiment. I don’t believe that. I believe we are all sinners. We are all imperfect. But we are not evil. We are not hateful. We are not bigots.

AfD’s MPs were elected by fathers concerned for the safety of their daughters. That’s not hate. That’s love.

They were elected by men whose dreams have been crushed by globalism and an information economy fueled by far-Left activists in Silicon Valley who hate us and wish we were driven from the internet entirely.

Life is short, and precious. That’s why I spend so much time arguing with strangers on the internet. We should protect it. We should protect each other, and our civilization. You cannot rescue another ship in danger in a storm if you have punched holes in your own hull, slashed your own sails and cut your own rigging.

AfD MPs were elected on a wave of pro-family, pro-Christian and pro-western civilization sentiment. These are all noble virtues.

The voters are not wrong. Our civilization is on the brink of destruction, like Notre Dame collapsing into smoke and ruin in Paris. The press is fanning the flames.

Racism and prejudice have a long and bloody history in Europe. But don’t, especially as Germans, allow guilt from the past and lies in the present to sabotage your future.

If you think I’m exaggerating about how they behave, here’s a quote from a 1943 Communist Party Directive: “When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable buildups, as fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of antifascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them.”

I bring this up not gratuitously, but because where would such a tactic be more effective than Germany itself? This is name-calling of the very worst kind, an allegation of moral horror collapsed into a single two-syllable word that demands rebuttal.

When you call someone the n-word, the only person who looks bad is you. Not the black guy. But when you call someone a Nazi or a racist, you aren’t just calling them names. You are challenging them to disprove your allegation to the world while at the same time indelibly linking their name to something disgusting.

It is reprehensible and it is what your media to do you every single day.

To those watching from other parties and from the Lügenpresse, I have a simple strategy for you to defeat populism and make sure they never win another election. I’m happy to tell you what it is, because I know you’ll never do it.

If you want to stop populists ever getting another another MP into your national parliaments, you only need to do one thing: fix the problems their voters care about. That’s it!

One of the things German citizens get angry about is double standards. I know Germans have a keen sense of right and wrong.

Frau Merkel has repeatedly demonstrated she will overlook any crime committed by economic migrants. She sold these people to you as engineers and doctors, like the Turkish people before them who, we were promised, would integrate and assimilate. No one was ever held accountable for these lies.

So what did Germany really get out of it? Out of the dozens of Muslim men involved in the New Year’s Eve atrocities in Cologne, only four were ever convicted. Why did the official police report the following day say nothing noteworthy happened that night?

Did Frau Merkel ever explain how these future doctors and engineers came to find themselves sexually harassing and raping young women?

These migrants are so awful that even other Muslim countries wouldn’t take them. There were plenty of neighboring countries that could easily have afforded to take in migrants from Syria. But instead they were sent here. That’s not mercy. That’s an invasion.

The greatest weapons of mass destruction are not and will never be as devastating as the damage uncontrolled mass immigration does.

Even the migrants’ hatred of Jews is overlooked. This is not the first time in Germany’s history that this has become a scary place to be a Jew. Jewish people don’t feel safe here any more. Again.

And almost as bad as all of this is the media’s role in covering it all up, making excuses for criminals, making excuses for the people who invited those criminals into your communities and lying and lying and lying again to the German people.

It is time for the German political and media establishment to give up on their dream of a European superstate and return to governing their own nation, a country now in crisis. If they want to avoid ethnic and religious warfare here in Germany, they have got to act now.

The new Axis powers are Silicon Valley, the European Union, the so-called prestige media and the Islamic ummah. They are the unholy foursome threatening the Western world, depraved and unaccountable.

And, just like the old Axis, they want to take Europe first.

No one ever got to have their say before Frau Merkel imported millions of people with values utterly opposed to Christianity and the Western political tradition of democracy and self-governance.

When were the advantages of mass migration ever seriously debated in the Bundestag? Maybe I missed it. At what point in the last decade did the CDU or Merkel ever pausing to evaluate their progress so far, before committing to permanent and devastating change to the country’s social fabric?

And no one handed the newspapers a license to lie, to bully you and intimidate you with coverage from a parallel universe in which every immigrant is a doctor or a lawyer and being born male saddles you with a debt you can never repay to society and for which you must genuflect, apologize and pay reparations for the rest of your life.

German citizens can’t be blamed for thinking the German press is a giant homogenous blob force-feeding them propaganda by inflating migrant job statistics and ignoring uncomfortable truths about rapes and murders. That’s not conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. Your system seems rigged because it is.

These are betrayals which deserve a response. These are crimes that deserve consequences. AfD is one of those consequences, and I welcome and support and celebrate them for it. Thank God for them!

Thank you very much.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.