There’s no positive way to spin this. The bad guys won this round.

The Proud Boys are not racist. It’s a club with gays, blacks, Jews—even girls!—that believes Western civilization is awesome and which strongly approves of Donald Trump. But now it looks like it will be destroyed by the lies of journalists. Want to know why? Because it was the only organization Antifa, the beloved violent terrorists of the establishment Left, actually feared.

The Proud Boys were prepared to respond to the violence, harassment and terroristic tactics of far-Left activists with self-defensive measures. Mostly, the Proud Boys just drank beer. But they punched back when attacked, and they were unapologetic about what they called their “western chauvinism.” And that’s what made them such a big target, because if the rest of America catches on to the fact that Antifa is a load of spoilt rich white kids who crumble when challenged, the Left’s attack dogs might no longer be feared.


As of today, November 21st, 2018, I am officially disassociating myself from the Proud Boys, in all capacities, forever. I quit. I was told to use the term “stepping down” but I refused because that makes no sense. I was never the leader, only the founder.

I have in the past attended Proud Boys meet-ups, which are full of people of color, homosexuals and others. I consider several members to be friends. But lies about the Proud Boys have now reached federal law enforcement agencies, imperilling the lives and livelihoods of anyone the press considers associated with the group, which they have smeared, slandered and lied about at every possible opportunity.

So I have been instructed by my lawyers today to add my voice to that of Gavin McInnes, the founder of the fraternal men’s organization, and announce that I am publicly dissociating myself with the club. It’s fucked up, and I wish to God I didn’t have to do it, but this is America in 2018, a country gripped by moral panic about a “white supremacy” outbreak that simply doesn’t exist.

The great white supremacy hoax will come to be seen in retrospect as just another elite panic, alongside acid rain and satanic ritual child abuse–something journalists and university professors are absolutely convinced of, but for which there is simply no evidence. Yet this fiction is now risking lives–including, most ludicrously in this case, the lives of black children.

The press makes constant excuses for Antifa, which uses violence to suppress political ideas it doesn’t like. These Soros-funded black bloc protesters are regarded as heroes by the establishment Left. Meanwhile, conservatives who dare to respond in kind to the violent instigations from the Left are called “extremists,” “white nationalists” and even terrorists.

Left-wing politicians, the media and now even law enforcement are united in their determination to crush anyone who dares to respond to the Left’s violent attacks on free speech. The so-called “New York 9” Proud Boys are about to have their lives ruined, all because they, in their own words: “Don’t start fights, but finish them.”

Two of the five Proud Boys arrested after a recent brawl in New York–which they did not start–have black children. These are the men the press would like you to believe are “white supremacists.” They have both lost their jobs, and now face losing their freedom and being saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

So there are now black children who have a father out of work and facing prison because New York governor Andrew Cuomo decided to make an example out of Right-wingers who dare to fight back when they are physically assaulted by Antifa.

If you’re wondering how this insane state of affairs came to be, remember that conservatives aren’t demonized and censored based on how Right-wing they are. They are targeted according to how effective they become. That’s why Richard Spencer and David Duke are still on Twitter, while Gavin, Laura Loomer, Roger Stone and I–some of the most popular and persuasive people in the Trump movement, none of us remotely racist–are all banned.

Another sad dimension to this is what a powerful tonic this club was to the often lonely and disaffected men who joined it. The Proud Boys was and remains a men’s club of the type rapidly disappearing in the West as feminists force women into fraternities and golf clubs. Men desperately need clubs and societies in which they can enjoy the company of other men. It isn’t healthy for men to have no spaces of their own.

My friend Gavin has children, and a wife–of color, by the way–to protect. I have a black husband, and although my husband is an American, I am not yet a citizen. Gavin’s statement today is both understandable and necessary. It saddens me to have to join him in saying good-bye to the Proud Boys, because I know, from my own personal experience, how terribly wronged they have been.

There’s no positive way to spin this. The bad guys won this round. You can support the Proud Boys financially by visiting fundthewest.org, so the black children of these terrible white supremacists have a chance of seeing their father on Christmas morning. Happy fucking Thanksgiving, I guess.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.

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