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Violent Protests Erupt at ‘Fake Rape Crisis’ Campus Tour

Australian sex therapist and clinical psychologist Bettina Arndt is on a mission to spread truth about campus safety, and feminist activists aren't happy about it.

Violent protesters and student activists have attempted to shut down campus talks by Australian sex therapist and clinical psychologist Bettina Arndt. Arndt’s “No Rape Crisis” tour around Australian universities sought to celebrate Australia’s remarkably safe university campuses and “to promote honest discussion about this issue.” But Arndt’s efforts were met with protests and riots which ultimately led to what is known as the heckler’s veto on several of the campuses. The riot police had to be summoned at Sydney University.

Arndt, who has been critical of feminist narratives like “toxic masculinity” and “rape culture,” is also a columnist for The Australian where she systematically presents fact-based analyses of hot-button issues where her views are often met with claims that she is “further disempowering victims.”

Arndt’s website states that she has been the only mainstream media journalist to report that the Human Rights Commission survey revealed Australian campuses to be remarkably safe, and that only 0.8 percent of students reported sexual assault, even when defined in exceptionally broad terms. She also cites data from the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics showing that Australian universities are 100 times safer for women than the surrounding community.

Protestors at a Bettina Arndt event.

A columnist for the University of Sydney’s “Activism, Advocacy, Representation” club argues that “Free speech is not an absolute right.” The op-ed echoes the oft-cited progressive argument that the right to feel safe supersedes anyone’s right to free speech. “Arndt’s right to defend her claim does not supersede the right of these women to feel safe [and] to be heard on campus,” the group stated.

Signs posted around La Trobe university in Melbourne attempted to rally support “against sexism and bigotry.” The Australian reported that protesters from the Victorian Socialists disrupted the entirety of Arndt’s lecture, chanting, “Bettina Arndt, go to hell. Go take Milo there as well,” referring to provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. Arndt has written extensively about Yiannopoulos in The Australian, and the pair sat down for a lengthy interview during his last Australian tour.

Milo Down Under with Bettina Arndt

Bettina with Milo Yiannopoulos planning their Aussie Campus Free Speech tour. If you would like to support Bettina’s videos please go to her website – shown below – for links showing how you can do this via Paypal and Patreon.

Arndt accuses Australian universities of “kowtow[ing] to a tiny group of feminist activists rather than celebrat[ing] our safe campuses” and she questions, “why activists are promoting such untruths about student safety.” She has since been hit with a $700 bill for extra security patrol services required to police the violent progressive protesters. Yiannopoulos and jouranlist Lauren Southern were similarly presented with hefty security bills after protests erupted at their Australian events.

Bettina Arndt’s Fake Rape Campus Tour – Part 1

Please support her crowd-funder raising money to support the tour. Next stop – University of Queensland, Brisbane. Thurs, September 27. 4 PM. All welcome. University of Qld, Steele Building. Details of room coming soon.

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Jacinta West is Australia correspondent for DANGEROUS.

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