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Pro-Trump Men’s Group Invades Las Vegas at ‘West Fest’

Senior reporter Pawl Bazile reflects on a weekend celebration of Western chauvinism, and in defiance of Left-wing smear campaigns, antifa doxing and fake news.

We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the testosterone began to take hold.

The fiery neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip looked a little more red, white and blue this weekend. Las Vegas once again hosted the annual gathering of the world famous Proud Boys known as West Fest. The politically incorrect men’s club led hundreds of patriots to Sin City to discover the American dream in a legendary celebration of life. Attendance was up from about 30 per cent from the previous year.

“West Fest this year was the most fun weekend of my life. The second most fun was West Fest last year. I’m hoping those two are moved down a spot next year,” writer for Big League Politics and West Fest’s head organizer, Luke Rohlfing, donning yellow aviators told me, after claiming his prize for the young Jim Jones look-alike contest.

Degenerates Yosef Ozia (left), Pawl Bazile, and Luke Rohlfing

For the weekend’s main event, a 20 foot scaffolding was erected in the shadow of the Trump hotel, in something like a scene out of the 1979 cult film The Warriors, with our Cyrus played by Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes, standing in front of a crowd of over 300 people adorned in the signature Proud Boy black and yellow shirt. McInnes seemed to be astonished by what began as a tongue in cheek suggestion on his broadcast. “All I said was ‘why shouldn’t there be more men’s clubs,'” he recalled to the rowdy crowd, only to pause when interrupted by deafening chants of “USA!” The name Proud Boys comes from a song, “Proud of Your Boy,” from the Broadway musical Aladdin.

The event was a who’s who of Proud Boys from around the world with some traveling from as far away as Australia, each with a different story to tell. Yankees and Southerners all shaking hands exchanging greetings, often with friends they’d only known from social media previously. Had anyone from the Southern Poverty Law Center been present, which has constantly smeared the organization as a “hate group,” it would have been a triggering from high heaven to witness whites, blacks, hispanics, gays, Christians, Jews, atheists, rednecks, punks, rich kids and poor bastards all together laughing and slapping backs in a scene from a Benetton ad the left could only dream of creating at their mostly upper-class outrage marches.

Milo Yiannopoulos and Luke Rohlfing

Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at the event dressed in a bizarre African prince-inspired garb right after naming himself the new “Intergalactic Vice President of the Proud Boys” to which he seemed to have received no objections. Notorious Proud Boys Yosef Ozia, Enrique Calrissian and Heath Hair all addressed the crowd as well.

Rufio Panman, known for the punch heard round the world when he knocked out an antifa rioter attacking a crowd of innocent people with a baton in Portland, Ore. this summer, shared a moving story. His wedding was postponed because of a targeted harassment campaign by heartless monsters spooking the Washington state venue hosting his reception into canceling their arrangements a week before the ceremony. He told the Proud Boys the inconvenience only strengthened his resolve and acknowledged that he is not a victim, but a target.

McInnes officiating a wedding at West Fest 2018

The gathering also bore witness to two wedding ceremonies, one of which was administered by McInnes himself. In that ceremony, McInnes stressed that creating families was the real way to save Western civilization and building one’s own legacy with a good woman was the truest test of manhood. McInnes, a father of three, was recently permanently banned from Twitter , along with the Proud Boys official account, for going against Jack Dorsey’s informal “Don’t make Jake Dorsey’s narrow political views look stupid” policy. He had nearly 500,000 followers.

At the main event on Saturday, in the shadow of the Trump hotel, awards were given out including Best Black, Best Gay, Best Fighter, Best Dad, and Proud Boy of the Year. Milo took the stage to music from the Lion King, and lobbied the crowd one last time to vote him in for “Best Black.” That award went to Ozia. Disappointed, Milo settled for being awarded “Best Gay,” and his spirits quickly recovered after a short hissy fit.

In blogs across progressive media the Proud Boy name is smeared for being the star spangled cure to the alt-Left disease. The Proud Boy of the Year went to Texas attorney  J.L. Van Dyke for volunteering his services to litigate against libel articles written by fake news outlets claiming the Proud Boys are some kind of “Hate Group.” For this service his name and practice has been dragged through the mud.

Thank you very much, Western Civilization.

Boxing contests were held in a sand pit. Merch was sold. Beer was drank. A profoundly autistic Proud Boy made friends with a dog. Needless to say, the bitches were in rare form that night as well.

The organization was founded in 2016 and I joined shortly after that. During the revelry, noise and joy, the thought ran across my mind that all the people who hate us have never experienced love on this level. No one could possibly have this much fun if they subscribed to a philosophy of self hate, guilt, and disdain for all the wonderful freedoms that make the Western world great.

“While I was running Friday night (Saturday morning) two different people shouted ‘Proud Boys suck’ from cars at me. I’m still not sure if they knew I was a Proud Boy or if they were just yelling that at every dashingly handsome Greek god they saw on the strip,” Proud Boy Lance Brace told me.

The weekend officially began Friday with a bar crawl in which every member wore Hawaiian shirts. That ended up to be a total delight to every Asian tourist with a camera on the Strip that night. (Stand by for the SPLC to declare Hawaiian shirts a hate symbol). From there the weekend descended into an orgy of card tables, guns, swear words, cigars, and drinking in a celebration of dads (and a few cool gay uncles) which is what the club is at its core. By Tuesday morning, latest reports indicated some straggling Proud Boys could still be seen roaming the strip, disheveled, hit by the Mack truck of the American Dream.

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.

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