We encourage you to obey local laws. (But chances are the cop voted Trump.)

Announcing: DANGEROUS Trump Star Competition

With thousands of DANGEROUS Trump stars stuffed into mailboxes across America, we want to see what you’ve been doing with them.

Dangerous has sold thousands of our beautiful self-sticking Donald Trump Walk of Fame stars and now we want to see what sort of mischief you’ve been causing with them. Our stars are printed in exquisite detail on high-quality PVC for superior durability, and come in four sizes: the luxurious full-size 36 inch star, and in our variety pack we offer 12 inch, 5 inch, and 2 inch stars.

Get out there, and start sticking your stars in the most dangerous places you can think of, snap a photo, and post it to your public Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #DangerousTrumpStar. Or, for you shy folks, send it directly to us via e-mail at [email protected] with “#DangerousTrumpStar” as the subject. It would be really terrible if CNN employees had to step over one of our stars walking into their Lie Factory each morning for work, or some poor woman got an unexpected welcome mat on her way into Planned Parenthood for an abortion.

We’ll be collecting your submissions all through September and will announce the winner on Oct. 1. First place gets a cool $200 and first runner up gets $50 for their losing effort.

And for all you ladies out there who are already planning to send us pictures of your breasts using our two-inch Trump stars as nipple pasties (we’re looking at you, Chadwick), you’ll be judged in your own category, with a $50 prize for the best set of knockers sporting Trump star nipple pasties.

There are plenty of counterfeit stars out there on the market and we can spot them at 50 paces. Anyone submitting entries using cheap, knock-off stars will not only be disqualified but publicly humiliated for being a tacky bitch.

Now, get out there my loves, and stir up some chaos. And then, show us your handiwork!

*We encourage you not to break any local laws or damage property. Any placement of stickers is done so at your own will and at your own risk – DANGEROUS won’t be held responsible

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