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DANGEROUS Writer Pawl Bazile Nukes Lefty in RT Debate

DANGEROUS writer Pawl Bazile appeared on RT to debate Code Pink’s Tighe Barry on the topic of social media censorship.

RT International hosted a debate last week between neo-Marxist group Code Pink’s Tighe Barry and DANGEROUS senior correspondent Pawl Bazile to discuss the recent social media censorship of conservatives. The debate came in the wake of many right wingers, including Gavin McInnes and his men’s social club the Proud Boys, being banned from Twitter. Bazile, who also runs Proud Boy Magazine, had a heated war of words regarding the controversy.

Things escalated quickly when Barry took to name calling the Proud Boys “the Sad Racist Boys” in a joke that didn’t land any of the three times he deployed it, but was edited down to one in the final broadcast. Bazile, who DANGEROUS editor-in-chief Chadwick Moore describes as having the fashion sense of a “toxic masculinity dandy,” fired stiff shots at Barry, who resembles an extra from The Hills Have Eyes, when he took exception to his opponent’s lack of preparation.

In the segment Bazile sets the record straight on the Proud Boys not attending Unite the Right before the conversation transitioned into social media censorship. Barry was tongue tied after calling the Proud Boys a hate group, and being challenged to “prove it” or make a single citation to the accusations he was lobbing. RT ran the Onion-esq headline  “right & left agree during heated debate on RT” after Barry reluctantly conceded the Proud Boys shouldn’t be censored.

Watch the segment below

Proud Boy Pawl Bazile destroys Code Pink

From RT International: Production Director of Proud Boy Magazine and Teigh Barry of Code Pink debated on the recent social media bans conservatives should be dealing with. It does no go well for Code Pink


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