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‘Social Media Violation’ Gets Cop Sacked For Loving America

Deputy Sheriff Brian Green of Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana declared his love for America on social media. He was suddenly fired after Leftwing activists harassed his superiors.

Brian Green, a 34 year old and father, really loves his country. He’s also a police officer and on his Facebook profile picture he proudly wore his uniform with the slogan “The West is the Best” superimposed at the bottom. The pro-modern civilization adage he displayed is also used by the men’s group the Proud Boys, which Green is a member.

Green had been a Deputy Sheriff for Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana for four years and 11 months until last week when he was fired after a targeted harassment campaign made some of his superiors flinch.

Green told DANGEROUS in an exclusive interview, “I wanted to be a Proud Boy because I saw a group of men who were openly and unabashedly proud of being American and all the great things that stands for.”

The Proud Boys men’s club is a tongue-in-cheek take on the fraternal orders of old, such as the Free Masons and the Knights of Columbus. The multiracial group of free thinking conservatives meets once a month in chapters around the world to celebrate their love of a free modern society with an added punk rock attitude. It was founded in 2016 by CRTV’s Gavin McInnes as an unapologetic answer to men losing touch with the things that make a free society great.

The offending photo.

Green explained to us how this all cost him his livelihood when malicious people began targeting his Facebook account. “The people on the page began tagging everyone they could and repeatedly sharing the post, also tagging the sheriff’s office and local news agencies. On Thursday, the story ran in a local news sites  The Advocate and”

“An investigation was conducted to determine the status of Proud Boys as a hate group to which the Internal Affairs office found no credible law enforcement intelligence to say that Proud Boys is a hate group or affiliated with any,” Green explained.

The false, and libelous, designation of the Proud Boys as a “hate group,” particularly in mainstream media, has taken off since the Southern Poverty Law Center officially designated the organization to be one. Over 60 individuals and groups recently have geared up to sue the bloated, left-wing smear factory and unsealed court documents also revealed the SPLC’s co-founder allegedly beat his wife and tried to rape his stepdaughter.

In Green’s case, sadistic people with terrible hygiene (we assume) wouldn’t stop their online bombardment and the Sheriff’s Department got nervous that Green’s drinking buddies could make the department look bad. On Aug. 15 Green was given the opportunity to resign, but declined. He was terminated later that day, officially for “a violation of the Social Media policy”

In a twist of irony, the Sheriff’s Office was most concerned with two of the Proud Boy’s more liberal policies, Green told us. “Due to the anti-drug war, and anti-prison stances [of the Proud Boys] the Sheriff’s office stated they couldn’t be affiliated with a group that could bring discredit on them.”

The department said in a statement, “Green’s decision to utilize the PPSO uniform to promote the views of the Proud Boys, whose values are contradictory to the values and the vision of the PPSO will not be tolerated.”

On social media, alt-left trolls celebrated with their friends and family. Former Deputy Green was called a “racist” over and over again, as if the repetition would be a substitute for evidence. The cowards won a temporary victory with the slanderous claims, Green says. “I was frustrated and scared that I could lose my job over being called a racist — which I’m not — for being part of a hate group — which Proud Boys isn’t — and for politically disagreeing with a group of people too scared to show their faces in public — which I do.”

“I believe I was targeted by someone who I had mutual friends with. I’m confident when they saw my picture in uniform with ‘The West is the Best,’ they were ‘triggered’ and ran their mouth off to anyone that would listen,” he added. “Cops are hated as it is, and I just happened to be one who isn’t afraid to say I’m proud of being American.”

One of Green’s duties in his Proud Boy chapter was to “vet” potential members. This included ensuring new member’s weren’t racist, mentally unstable, or had bad intentions for the group. He says his record as an officer was spotless, “without a single complaint, nor disciplinary action” against him by the people he was charged to protect and serve.

He expressed to DANGEROUS the pride he took in his role within his community, saying,  “I think the type of call I felt like I was doing the most good was anytime there were domestic abuse or child abuse cases. Not that I looked forward to them or anything, but I really liked being in a situation where my actions helped a person get out of a dangerous situation and get resolution against someone who had been ruining their life.”

Unfortunately for the abused children and battered wives of Plaquemines Parish, there’s one fewer dedicated advocate on their side in law enforcement, all because he didn’t vote the way a group of anonymous people on Facebook would have liked.

Green understands the department may have been legally in their right to dismiss him. The Social Media policy, technically, was violated although the public outcry appears likely motivated by people not living in the area. At this time Green says he is not planning on bringing his former employer to court. However, Green is speaking with lawyers. The media that has been misrepresenting his case may find themselves in front of a judge soon, he says. Green said, “As far as civil lawsuits, I would like to explore some possibilities against several of the news organizations for possible defamation, slander and libel.”

But Green says there is a bigger issue at stake, one of freedom of expression and politically motivated mob vigilantism. “What bothers me most is that it appears we are at a time in history when anonymous people on the internet can contact your employer for any reason they want, make accusations of racism, bigoted behavior, and any other manner of nonsense without any evidence and pressure them to respond to the point where someone who has done nothing other than express that they love this country, and all the things it has brought about, will get fired for posting a picture with a quote which more or less means ‘America is the Best.’ Had I taken a picture in front of a flag, with a sign that says America is the Best would I have been terminated? Who knows,” he said.

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office appears to have proven they listen to anonymous people bitching on social media over preserving the integrity of their department by going to bat for officers doing right by their community. You can tell them how you feel @PlaqueminesSO on Twitter, since we know they read social media. Or they can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.

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