Cry Babies! Cry Babies!

Twitter's White Genocide Problem

While Twitter hunts for imaginary Nazis under America's bed, an actual genocidal movement is brewing across the world and uses the platform to recruit and spread racial hatred.

The leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters party, Julius Malema, has a verified Twitter account with 2.1 million followers. The official EFF account on Twitter is also verified, with 607,000 followers. On March 17 of this year, Malema tweeted, “Hahaha, you are going white man. I’ve got no sympathy for whiteness, it feels so good for a black child to determine the future of the white one. #Kubo.” This was, for Malema and his followers, and anyone familiar with South African politics, nothing out of the ordinary. EFF is the far-Left South African political party that soared to power on a platform of extreme racial hatred toward the country’s white minority.

EFF is also the party behind South Africa’s plan to steal land from white farmers. This week the nation began to fulfill that promise. South Africa’s government expropriated two farms in Limpopo. The owners of the property have disputed the government seizure and are asking for 200 million rand in compensation. The government is offering 20 million rand, about ten per cent of the land’s value. The motion to expropriate land without compensation was proposed by Malema and passed in Parliament by a margin of 241 votes to 83. The measure also was supported by Cyril Ramaphosa, who took over as President of South Africa when Jacob Zuma resigned. Land expropriation was a key talking point in Ramaphosa’s campaign for Zuma’s seat. EFF and Malema have also proposed a section of the current South African Constitution to be amended to allow for the expropriation of land without proper compensation to white farmers. While the seizure has received support from the ANC, it is widely opposed by the Democratic Alliance, Freedom Front Plus, Cope and the African Christian Democratic Party.

‘35,000 dead’

Malema and the EFF’s rhetoric has deadly consequences. In South Africa a white farmer has been killed every five days in 2018, a number that has been on the steady uptick since the ANC became the primary ruler the country’s parliament post-apartheid, which began with the election of Nelson Mandela in 1994. The ANC itself has been accused of often aligning itself with radicalized groups. Mosiuoa Lekota, President and leader of the Congress of the People, blames both the ANC and EFF for the white   farmer murders. Addressing parliament last year, he pointed out the 35,000 dead farmers who “provide food for all of us in this country,” and called for peace, warning of what appears to be an impending, full-scale genocide.

Peace is not on the agenda for Malema and the EFF. And while the murders are a weekly occurrence, Malema, who is not on Facebook, uses Twitter exclusively to recruit and inflame hatred toward many groups, not just whites. On Saturday, during the EFF’s four year birthday celebration at Curries Fountain Stadium in Durban, Malema said Indian people are “worse than Afrikaners.”

“This is not an anti-Indian statement, it’s the truth. Indians who own shops don’t pay our people, but they give them food parcels,” Malema told thousands of supporters at the event. The group AfriForum has called for an open investigation into Malema’s alleged role in white  farmer murders after an imprisoned gangster was caught on leaked audio claim Malema offered to help him murder white farmers. EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivamvu attacked a white journalist, Adrian de Kock, earlier this year outside of the parliament building, choking the reporter as his colleagues attempted to steal his equipment. In a video posted on YouTube, Malema addressed EFF members saying, “Let us show them toe to toe. Let us show them who is in charge of this country. This is our land, this is our country, we will defend it with everything; if it means defending it with our — lives, let us defend it with our — lives. Let us see when the boers come back, which side will the police take.”

WATCH: EFF’s Floyd Shivambu attacks Netwerk24 journalist

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Deputy President Floyd Shivambu attacked Netwerk24 journalist Adrian de Kock at Parliament on Tuesday. De Kock said the scuffle occurred after he approached Shivambu for comment about Patricia de Lille’s disciplinary hearing. Speaking after the incident, De Kock said Shivambu demanded that he delete his photos.

Boer originally referred to white   farmers in South Africa of Dutch ancestry and has in recent years been deployed as a derogatory term for white South Africans. Malema received backlash in 2010, then a youth league leader for the ANC, for singing “shoot the boer, kill the farmer.” Subsequently, South Africa’s high court ruled that the anti-apartheid song “Shoot the Boer” is hate speech and banned the ruling ANC from singing it.

In a YouTube video posted by Stop Farm Murders in February, both ANC and EFF members are caught singing “kill the boer, kill the farmer” at a public gathering. Malema, while addressing supporters in Soweto in February can be heard saying “We don’t back whites, we don’t care about their feelings. They make us suffer for a very long time now, it’s their turn now. They must be happy we are not beating them up. They must be happy we are not calling for genocide.” In an interview Malema gave with TRT World in July he said “I’m saying to you, we’ve not called for the killing of white people, at least for now. I can’t guarantee the future.” The presenter challenged him, saying to this sounded like a “genocidal call.” Malema responded, “Cry babies, cry babies!”

“I can’t give you a guarantee of the future,” he repeated. “Especially when things are going the way they are … If things are going the way they are, there will be a revolution in this country. I can tell you now. There will be an unled revolution in this country, and an unled revolution is the highest form of anarchy.”

EFF and ANC singing (Kill the boer Kill the farmer)

Uploaded by Stop Farm Murders on 2018-02-21.

James Bond never gets Aids

Twitter defines hateful conduct violating its Terms of Service as, “You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.” The company goes on to say, “examples of what we do not tolerate includes, but is not limited to behavior that harasses individuals or groups of people with violent threats; wishes for the physical harm, death, or disease of individuals or groups; references to mass murder, violent events, or specific means of violence in which/with which such groups have been the primary targets or victims; behavior that incites fear about a protected group; repeated and/or non-consensual slurs, epithets, racist and sexist tropes, or other content that degrades someone.”

But Twitter doesn’t just police users for what they tweet. Twitter also likes to take swipes at prominent users–virtually all conservatives–for their behavior off-line, such as when the site removed journalist Laura Loomer’s verification badge after she got into a public row with Uber, or when it suspended British activist Tommy Robinson for being Tommy Robinson.

A look through Malema’s timeline reveals several tweets that would appear to violate Twitter’s Terms of Service (were such a thing consistently or comprehensively enforced) on what the San Francisco-based tech giant defines as hateful speech and conduct. Malema’s Twitter account reveals a bizarre obsession with white people and skin pigmentation, as well as boasting conspiracy theories that AIDS was invented by Western governments, and British intelligence agencies have the cure.

Julius Sello Malema on Twitter

That bloody agent, bastard white journo Jonah Fisher needs to behave. Luthuli house is not a playground. It is not a beer hall.

Julius Sello Malema on Twitter

Why do you call yourselves white? You look more pink than white. – Cry Freedom

Julius Sello Malema on Twitter

HIV/AIDS is a white manufactured disease. How come James Bond never gets STDs? MI5 or Q has the cure

Julius Sello Malema on Twitter

Was #IdolsSA Shekhinah raised by Jewish white folks? She’s as endangered as the pigment deprived contestants this week

Jungle fever

In January, EFF supporters made international news after they trashed an H&M store in Guateng over an advertisement featuring a black child wearing a hoodie that read “coolest monkey in the jungle.” The mother of the boy in the ad, who allowed her son to model it, issued a statement on Facebook days before the break-in occurred, stating “Am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modelled … Stop crying wolf all the time, unnecessary issue here … get over it.” She continued: “If I bought that jumper and put it on him and posted it on my pages, would that make me racist? I get pples opinion, but they are not mine.”

The media-manufactured myth of America’s violent white supremacy problem reached a laughable conclusion in August. After the media hyped a white nationalist rally in Washington, D.C. for weeks, giving tens of millions of dollars in free advertising to the Unite the Right 2 event, a sad, rag-tag bunch of only a couple dozen characters actually turned up to quietly march down the street. Yet before the event, Twitter, for no legitimate reason whatsoever, permanently banned the accounts of Gavin McInnes and his organization, the Proud Boys. The media, in lockstep, associated McInnes’s ban with the upcoming rally, in an attempt to falsely connect his group with white nationalists (they aren’t, and have repeatedly condemned both Unite the Right events).  Writing for this magazine, McInnes said, “We were banned for making Trump look cool. When Proud Boy Rufio Panman knocked out that antifa dunce in self defense, it was called, ‘The punch heard ’round the world.’ Info Wars had Panman on as a guest and they were de-platformed. I had him on as a guest, too. Same story. I’m told Twitter’s lawyers have been contacted about a lawsuit and they specifically said it was due to ‘inciting violence.’ I’m sure that’s the crux of it and I strongly believe it all comes back to that punch.”

If Twitter is concerned about its platform being used to spread racial hatred and incite violence, then one might point to an actual genocidal movement brewing across the world that is very active on Twitter. Yet Twitter has made its priorities clear: to spend countless dollars and man hours looking for imaginary Nazis under America’s bed.

Appearing on television last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told CNN’s Brian Stelter, “Are we doing something according to political ideology or viewpoints? We are not. Period … We do not look at content with regards to political viewpoint or ideology. We look at behavior.” Conservative pundit Candace Owens tested this claim before Dorsey’s statement. She copied tweets from racist New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong, replacing “whites” with other groups then acknowledging these were repurposed Jeong tweets. “Black people are only fit to live underground like groveling goblins. They have stopped breeding and will all go extinct soon. I enjoy being cruel to old black women,” Owens tweeted. Owens immediately received a suspension from Twitter. Jeong did not and retains her job at the Times

Dorsey told CNN, “I think we need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit is left, is more left-leaning.” 

Sean Campbell is an Arizona native, independent journalist, and film editor. In 2017 he launched his media company, Tru Conservative TV.

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