Hectoring, Rapey Uber-Harpy Asia Argento Is The Real Face Of #MeToo

Woke feminist Asia Argento paid $380K in hush money to a boy who says she sexually assaulted him when he was under the legal age of consent. Journalists are already rushing to protect her.

So Asia Argento, she of the endless grandstanding about the supposedly awful treatment of women in Hollywood, turns out to be just as bad as the people she’s accusing. News emerged Sunday night that the Weinstein accuser herself paid $380,000 in hush money to keep a boy quiet. He says she sexually assaulted him when he was 17, under the legal age of consent in California. COLOR ME SHOCKED!

What’s even less surprising: the journalists who leapt to protect her, demanding that the rest of us wait until the facts come out, asking if people will set her alleged assault of an underage boy aside because she’s such a good feminist and has tweeted so much pro-women propaganda, and tweeting bizarre stuff like “Two things can be true at once.” Imagine them running cover for an accused man like this! That’s right, you can’t — unless he’s a far-left queen like Spacey, in which case it’s time for everyone to sit down, calm down and wait until we know more before the condemnation starts.

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@AsiaArgento, who became a #MeToo leader after being one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein, reportedly paid $380,000 to an accuser, Jimmy Bennett, who claimed that she sexually assaulted him while he was underage. Her Twitter account shows she was obsessed with him.

Give me a break. Argento is the real face of the #MeToo movement: a hypocritical, cynical, vindictive power-grab by women who are themselves utterly complicit in the horrors of Hollywood. There are no victims in Tinseltown, just perpetrators better at hiding their tracks by pointing and shrieking at the misdeeds of others so no one looks too closely at their shady, disreputable and abusive pasts. If there’s any justice, Argento’s career is over. But don’t count on it for sure: after the campaign to get James Gunn reinstated almost worked, you can’t take anything for granted.

Because those are the rules in media, the academy and Hollywood. Child abuse is fine, so long as you vote Democrat, and you can do absolutely anything, no matter how awful, to absolutely anyone, no matter how young they are, provided you are sufficiently woke and have the right friends. (Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep, specifically.) Has there been any spectacle more stomach-churning this year than the Golden Globes, during which a room full of anxious, decrepit rapists, child abusers and their enthusiastic collaborators congratulated themselves for their superior moral virtue?

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Asia Argento also signed the petition in favor of convicted child rapist Roman Polanski in 2009 https://t.co/8lFPaFyuzW

I’ve had a theory brewing for a while now that being a “celebrity” in the traditional sense — an actor or singer or news anchor — will soon be more of a social stigma than anything else. People are going to be asking how they give their fame back! Ludicrous, jaw-dropping hypocrisy like Argento’s is beckoning that day forward. Argento’s ex-boyfriend, a crap chef and even lousier TV host called Anthony Bourdain, was one of the leading voices of #MeToo as well. He’s dead now, and suffering in Hell after he hanged himself in June. The awful cunt probably drove him to it. Burn the lot of them, I say.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.

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