A tiny group of white nationalists assembled in D.C. yesterdayPhoto: MSNBC

There Is No White Supremacy Problem In America

Yesterday’s dismal turn-out in Washington D.C. proved it: America doesn’t have a white supremacy problem. But the elevation of racists like the New York Times’s Sarah Jeong, who thinks white people smell bad and who compares them to goblins, is very real.

Fewer than fifty people showed up on Sunday to an event billed as the bigger, better sequel to last year’s Charlottesville debacle, in which far-Left and far-Right clashes left one woman dead. Those fifty misguided souls were dwarfed by thousands of counter-protestors, but they still managed to accomplish something worthwhile: their paltry showing left the American media reeling from the shock of just how few white racists there really are in the United States — and how to report on such an embarrassing fact.

You see, white nationalists are in pretty short supply, relative to the fear-mongering about them, and Americans are starting to notice. They are almost comically elusive. The fact is, there are perhaps — and I do mean perhaps — 5,000 genuine white supremacists in the United States. Personally I think it’s closer to half that, but let’s be generous and say five thousand. That’s 0.0015 per cent of the population. Does that sound like the sort of colossal eruption that justifies hundreds of hours of anguished cable news specials and millions of words in newspaper editorials?

By giving yesterday’s rally wall-to-wall coverage for weeks — the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars’ worth of advertising — establishment journalists had hoped to boost the number of attendees. It didn’t work. Left-wing journalists were quietly thrilled when protester Heather Heyer was killed last year, because they finally had a data point on which to hang their fulminations.

The response from formerly grand magazines like the Atlantic has been to enlarge the definition of white nationalism to the point of meaninglessness: it now appears to be synonymous with “people who believe in a nation state and are unsettled by untrammeled immigration from vastly different cultures.” But it isn’t just Republicans who feel that way, just as it wasn’t only Right-wing voters who opted for Brexit; this is not a winning argumentative strategy from the Atlantic.

The Washington Post described yesterday’s failed rally as a “triumph for the Left” — a headline that gets more disgusting the more you think about it. They are wrong: it was a colossal victory for the Trump-supporting Right, who can now compare the sixty million people who voted for the current President with the 40 or so who dared to show their faces in D.C. yesterday. And it was humiliating for the Leftists of establishment TV stations and newspapers who were convinced that yesterday would vindicate their doomsaying. Poor CNN was left thrashing around for an explanation, clearly caught off guard, while NBC tried to ignore the fact that its reporters were attacked by Antifa thugs who hate the press more than any deplorable.

It’s worth remembering that CNN and the Washington Post don’t disapprove of racism per se. They’re perfectly happy to look the other way when members of their own elite tribe say disobliging things about white people. And they will do whatever it takes to run cover when one of their own is caught out, as when the latest member of the New York Times’s editorial board, Sarah Jeong, was found to have tweeted dozens of virulently anti-white remarks over a period of years. She is in good company with the rest of the media, pretty much everyone on college campuses and anyone with a blue check mark on Twitter in her belief that white people are the root of all evil.

Her tweets were quite plainly racism of the most obvious and ugly kind. And yet NBC News published a patronizing explanation of why it’s okay to laugh at white people, accepting at face value the ludicrous explanation that Jeong’s tweets were just merry japes, or that they were a sort of “responding in kind” to alleged, unquoted harassment she says she received at some unspecified point in the past.

Set aside the question of whether it’s morally okay to laugh at white people: would anyone from the Right, no matter their designated ethnic group, get such a chance to explain? In an act of unparalleled chutzpah, Vox writer Aja Romano even complained about Right-wingers using public shaming and outrage mob tactics to make life difficult for Left-wing activists. (Yes, with an apparently straight face.)

The press has covered for Jeong like their very existence depends on it, which in a way it does: if one of them goes down for this, they all might — and they are all guilty. In the process, America’s newsrooms have now explicitly endorsed anti-white rhetoric and beliefs as being justified by a wacky reading of history that says only white people can be racist and that anything said about a white person is absolutely fine. This is morally indistinguishable — less persuasive, even — than racists who use IQ data to suggest that blacks deserve unequal treatment. But it’s established fact on college campuses. And it’s not a definition shared by the vast majority of the country.

All the feverish lunacy of 90s Right-wing talk-radio shock jocks could scarcely have foreseen 2018. There is now, in the United States of America, an establishment-sanctioned form of outright racism against white people, for which there is no consequence, and for which there may even be rewards, such as a job at the New York Times. This new, culturally-sanctioned racism joins the wrecking-ball misandry that infested newsrooms and campuses more than a decade ago.

Meanwhile, gestures of defiance, such as votes for Donald Trump, from the millions of white people routinely demonized and ridiculed by popular culture are mischaracterized as howls of anguish from a white race in its death throes. (MSNBC and CNN take special delight in the so-called “browning of America.”) But consternation at anti-white media mania clearly does not rise to the level of “racism.” It’s a healthy, predictable response to ugly behavior from the media establishment which now exists in air as rarefied as the New York Times’s and a healthy, predictable response from a western population that sees itself, rightly, as imperiled by the rise of Islam and crippled by its establishment’s fecklessness and complicity in the unraveling of western cultural dominance.

Challenged to produce evidence of the white nationalist uprising in America, all the Left can do is — laughably — point to harmless and true statements about demographic change from Laura Ingraham, and call her a Nazi. No evidence can be produced of a widespread resurgence in racism from whites beyond more vague, speculative coverage from publishers who go to extraordinary and radical lengths to make excuses for jokes about white people but who shriek blue murder at the sight of an alt-right meme from a 17-year-old edgelord.

In recent weeks, thought leaders on the Left have begun to backpedal on some of the more egregious examples of progressive excess: witness Ezra Klein mansplaining while white-knighting that his well-intentioned feminist friends might have said “Kill All Men” a few times on Twitter, but they didn’t really mean it! They were just, err, caught up in the moment. Righteous indignation, let’s call it. You can imagine what the same Ezra Klein might have said when someone on the Right made a joke about, I dunno, hurting journalists. Suddenly, his ability to keep things in proper perspective, and to not take everything quite so literally, seemed to have evaporated.

Who knows which of us is right about whether mean words on the Internet are dangerous. (I think almost never, Klein thinks only when written by conservatives.) I don’t personally believe “Kill All Men” tweets are credible death threats any more than I think alt-righters taunting Jewish journalists with jokes about gas ovens are actually anti-Semitic. Far more likely is that they’re just teenagers trying to get a reaction. All we know for sure is that the progressive Left journalists are outrageous fucking hypocrites, and it’s high time they got a taste of their own medicine when it comes to shaming people on the Internet for old tweets.

Against all odds and against all economic pressures, white working-class Americans have resisted the siren call of racism. There is no appetite for racist Republican candidates. The KKK is dead and gone. Heavily-publicized white nationalist rallies in the nation’s capital attract two or three dozen people. The gravest offense to dignity and polite society given by the white working class has been electing a billionaire New Yorker who does not care for political correctness and whose policies closely reflect the priorities of the vast majority of the Republican base. Trump’s election is the very least the establishment Left and Right could expect, and the very least it deserved.

And now we all know for sure that ever since it happened, they have been lying to us about the reasons for it, to avoid the terrible realization just barely dawning on them: they did all this to themselves, through their mendacity, their monstrous stupidity, their aloofness and their corruption, and they have only themselves to blame for the coming nuclear winter when they elect outright racists to their editorial boards while conjuring entirely fictitious stories about white pride revivals. Trump has won. We have won. And, for the next decade, all we have to do is sit back and watch our snooty overlords light themselves on fire again, and again, and again, until all is ash and nothing remains.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.

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