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McInnes: De-Platform Trump Supporters All You Want — We Already Won

Another Alex Jones prediction came true when Twitter permanently suspended the accounts of CRTV’s Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys. McInnes believes he knows why: they were too good at making Trump supporters look cool.

Help, me and all the Proud Boys have been banned from Twitter and we can’t get up! Oh, what shall we do? How are we going to mock grammatical errors of blue-haired feminists who think they’re smarter than us? How will we constantly correct the record when called “Alt-Right”? How will we continue to red pill an entire generation and get Trump re-elected?

Who cares? Trump already won 2020. It’s ironic because he won due to socialist behavior like banning free speech. Americans hate that, and for obvious reasons. Freedom built this country. America was founded after the Brits encouraged ribald debate and a free press. They urged Americans to form militias and hash out ideas. America did and the first one was, “Get lost, Britain.”

People were learning the truth: Proud Boys are basically Knights of Columbus meets ‘Jackass’ meets ‘Animal House.’ We also love Trump.

Today, we have cat mom busybodies on Left-wing blogs scouring satire for incendiary quotes they can take out of context. They are supported by race-hustling globalists such as the SPLC, Hope Not Hate, and the ADL. They’re all Bigfoot chasers pretending Nazis lie await around every corner. The civil rights fakers get paid millions. The cat moms get forty bucks. Yet, both are equally driven to “smash the patriarchy” and destroy the West, even if that means cheating and lying to make it so.

All the Leftist headlines about us being banned obviously came from the same place. Ezra Levant calls it, “The Borg.”  CBS said we were shut down, “Ahead of Unite the Right Rally.” Variety said exactly the same thing as did Mashable, The Wrap, and Huffington Post, though the last three changed “ahead of” to “before” in their headlines. This is all fake news, of course. You can’t see it online anymore but we had already tweeted out our hatred of this rally. “It goes without saying #ProudBoys have NOTHING do do with this and won’t go near it,” I said to my 261k followers. “We are a multi-racial group that eschews the Alt-Right and despise DNC operatives such as #OccupyWallStreet’s Jason Kessler.” I disavowed the previous Unite the Right event in Charlottesville as well and did so months before it happened. I was against Unite the Right before it was cool. There were no Proud Boys there (though I’m told there were three ex-members) and Kessler was not in our club. He tried to infiltrate us many times by lying and was caught every time and booted. Incidentally, can you imagine if antifa, BLM, or really anyone on the Left had to live up to this level of scrutiny? They can’t even avoid pedophilia and raping each other!

It’s tedious to explain this again and again and that’s exactly what the Left is going for. They want to keep us on the defensive. Instead of demanding we get concealed carry, they have us begging for bump stocks. It’s classic Saul Alinsky, “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.” I’m not falling for it.

Here’s what really happened. We were banned for making Trump look cool. When Proud Boy Rufio Panman knocked out that antifa dunce in self defense, it was called, “The punch heard ’round the world.” Info Wars had Panman on as a guest and they were de-platformed. I had him on as a guest, too. Same story. I’m told Twitter’s lawyers have been contacted about a lawsuit and they specifically said it was due to “inciting violence.” I’m sure that’s the crux of it and I strongly believe it all comes back to that punch. But that’s not all. We had also just made international news with a street art campaign. A Proud Boy calling himself The Faction put up Donald Trump stars all over Hollywood Blvd. This was a reaction to Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame being destroyed with a pick axe by a deranged Leftist, and here on DANGEROUS it was made clear that The Faction was one of us (so is street artist SABO, by the way).

The story angered the Left because it made supporting Trump look fun. Despite baseless allegations that we’re Nazis or incels or MGTOWs, people were learning the truth: Proud Boys are basically Knights of Columbus meets Jackass meets Animal House. We also love Trump. The Left doesn’t care about Richard Spencer and David Duke, or even Jason Kessler for that matter, because they don’t appeal to young people. I do. Jordan Peterson does. Milo Yiannopoulos does. Proud Boys do. Those are the real threats because there is a massive #WalkAway movement happening, especially with millennials and blacks, and it’s why the midterms are already a shoe-in. They’re trying to silence me and the Proud Boys and lie about our politics because they know we are normal, rational human beings who support the President and are happy to explain why. We’re also good guys having fun.

This ban does not affect me or the Proud Boys in the slightest. My show is behind a paywall on CRTV. My fame isn’t even from Twitter. It’s from the hundreds of Rebel Media videos and Fox News outtakes on YouTube that will haunt the Left for years to come no matter what they do. If you were to read hipster social media you’d think I’m a pariah. I wish. I can barely leave the house without a millennial pleading for a selfie and saying, “I love your work.” In New York City, the worst it gets is, “I don’t agree with you but I respect that you tell it like it is.” I honestly don’t like it, but at least my kids get to see that I have supporters. I got “Fuck you, Nazi” exactly twice so far and it was from cowards who ran away afterwards (one began to cry when I confronted her). The Leftist media thinks they can control the narrative but all they can do is preach to the converted inside of a tiny bubble nobody cares about, especially not important voters. We win bigly while they scream at the sky and demand more rules.

Sorry, Marxists. Rules are for fools and true Americans hate them. When Alex Jones came on my show last week he said, “You are next!” and I was. He then went on to make an extra $5m in new subscribers. CRTV’s membership has been soaring since Friday night and I just got a call from an Australian promoter asking to do a tour for more money per show than I’ve ever been paid. I’ve been doing press all day and the message is the same every time. They can’t win. We already did.

Gavin McInnes is the founder of the Proud Boys and Vice Media. He does several shows on CRTV.COM, including “Get Off My Lawn,” which is also the name of his free podcast.

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