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COLOR US SHOCKED! Race-Baiting SPLC Chief A Wife-Beating Perv

Woody Allen's got nothing on Morris Dees, the wife-beating, mankini-wearing pervert who once tried to molest his stepdaughter with a vibrator.

Morris Dees is a co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Court documents from his 1979 divorce from Maureene Dees have surfaced painting a picture of Morris as a wife beater, sociopath and sexual deviant who once tried to molest his own 18-year-old stepdaughter with a vibrator after he stripped down to a men’s bikini.

Attorneys for Maureene — Maury Smith, Julia S. Waters and Charles M. Crook — filed the brief on her behalf in the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals after what was described as a difficult marriage spanning ten years. Maureene’s daughter from another marriage, Holly Buck, appeared in court with shocking and depraved allegations against her stepfather.

“Holly testified that, in the summer of 1977, Morris attempted to molest her in the following incident: One night Maureene and Morris were sitting drinking wine and discussing a case Morris was trying,” the court transcript says. “[Holly] was with them. Around eleven or twelve o’clock, Maureene went to bed and Holly stayed up with Morris discussing the case. Morris kept offering Holly wine, some of which she accepted.”

“She went to her room and then went into the bathroom,” the brief reveals. “Looking out the window, she saw Morris in the bushes beside the bathroom window looking in. she said ‘Morris, is that you’, but he said nothing and ran away.”

Her social justice stepdad’s Michael Myers-style of incestual courtship escalated two months later. “[M]orris entered [Holly’s] room from [Morris and Maureene’s daughter Ellie’s] room, through the bathroom,” the record says. “He was in his underwear and he sat on the bed where Holly was lying on her stomach facing away from the door. He touched her on the back and woke her up. He told her that he had brough [sic] her a present, and he presented her with a vibrator. He plugged it in and said he had brought it to her. He proceeded to rub it on her back and said ‘Let me show you how to use it.’”

Buck testified she passed on Morris’s disgusting offer, but the SPLC founder, now 81, wouldn’t let a little word like “no” stop him. “[H]e started to place it between he [sic] legs when she raised her voice and said no loudly,” according to the court documents.

Buck set the scene in detail, describing how the SPLC founder striped down to just a pair of bikini underwear. The animal pattern, or lack thereof, on his skimpy knickers was left up to the court’s imagination. “About two hours later, she had fallen back asleep and he came back in,” the brief explains. “He brought the vibrator with him, plugged it in and said again, ‘Let me show you how to use it.’ He tried to show her again by putting it between her legs, but she raised her voice again and he stopped. He took it and left.”

New information from Big League Politics now reveals Morris also “allegedly stalked, blackmailed and physically abused” his ex-wife into signing the divorce papers. The court brief states “Morris was acting crazy, and Maureene thought he was going to kill everybody in sight. He told her that he had five detectives with him. He hit her and gave her a busted jaw. He then started writing something on paper which he then gave her to sign. This document, entered unto evidence as Plaintiff’s Exhibit 43, was a separation agreement.”

The SPLC began innocently enough as an organization to monitor racially antagonistic groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazis but has since morphed into hateful, life-destroying smear-machine targeting anyone to the right of Louis Farrakhan. it routinely sets its sights on the likes of Ben Carson, men’s club the Proud Boys, and former Muslims who speak against radical Islam, among countless other innocents.

Regarding the newly released documents, the SPLC has not responded to requests for comment, and has quickly been hanging up the phone on members of the media. But journalists are still encouraged to try. They can be reached at (334) 956-8200 or toll-Free at (888) 414-7752.

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.

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