Grindr Proves I Was Right About How Charmingly Stupid They Are

A gay sex app thinks itself super clever.

Last week, gay blogs and Twitter homosexuals had their panties in a twist after I posted screen grabs showing the gay hook-up app Grindr had censored my profile for the second time. The Ministry of Poof Propaganda came after me because under the “Gender” question of my profile–in which the app offers an unlimited number of responses–I wrote “There are only 2.”

The app has officially responded to me by creating a t-shirt, and a really ugly one at that, referring to themselves as a “Construct.” “Grindr Is A Construct,” it reads. Cringe. This shirt appears to be the product of a social media intern with a raffle full of social justice-approved words but no idea how they relate to one another, like one of those biblically-illiterate Evangelicals fulminating about extramarital sex having never read a page of the Good Book.

On the page selling the shirt, the cock clearinghouse wrote: “Grindr has created this t-shirt to remind people that all gender identities and pronouns are welcome on our platform… because the future is fluid.  #postmodernism”

The app also claimed 100 per cent of proceeds would be donated to a transgender charity. Tip to the woke folks over at Grindr: in theory, a construct is an explanatory variable not directly observable, such as the fact that the primary purpose of Grindr is an AIDS-delivery vector. And if they really cared about transgenders, they’d have come up with a shirt that made sense and actually had a hope of selling. I thought trendy lefty gays were supposed to be into fashion. I spend Saturday night in and out of a pair of Wranglers, and even I can see that this is heinous.

Chadwick Moore is a journalist, political commentator, and editor-in-chief of DANGEROUS, currently working on his first book. He tweets at @Chadwick_Moore.

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