A Milo mega-fan, pictured with her hero.Photo: Everywhere online

What Happened To The Fearless Kassy Dillon I Once Knew?

Kassy Dillon’s late-term conversion to the cult of NeverTrump and Milo-hating is even more bizarre than it first appears, because Kassy is a former Milo mega-fan.

My attention has been drawn to a comment in the Washington Post by Kassy Dillon, a former College Republican President who is now, so she claims, “haunted” by a photo she took with me after a campus talk. Kassy Dillon’s late-term conversion to the cult of NeverTrump and Milo-hating is even more bizarre than it first appears, because Kassy didn’t merely take a photo with me — the one she now professes to find so traumatic. Kassy is, in fact, a former Milo mega-fan.

It began when Kassy recorded the video footage that made Trigglypuff famous, at a UMass talk I gave with Christina Hoff Sommers called “The Triggering.” Following the event, she emailed me dozens of times over many months, sending anonymous news tips about fellow conservatives, asking for shout-outs on social media and trying to curry favor. Later, she coined the #FREEMILO hashtag when I was banned from Twitter. “I started the #freemilo hashtag for you and have started the crusade. It’s gonna trend any minute,” she wrote to me at the time. “I’m tweeting like crazy for you, and have some of the most popular tweets!”

Perhaps Kassy has forgotten, but I haven’t, that she even asked to write an op-ed for Breitbart to express how “livid” she was at UC Irvine punishing their College Republicans for inviting me. We published it. About UC Irvine’s response to my visit, she wrote: “As a College Republican President, I am outraged … This is an insult to every College Republican across the country: and frankly, an insult to any halfway sensible person on the face of the earth.”

She continued: “I became President because I am not afraid to have and share controversial views that people on college campuses don’t agree with.” And, finally, the gushing climax: “No matter how controversial you think Milo Yiannopoulos is, he is the face of the future for Republicans and young conservatives. He displays the importance of free speech and not being afraid to share your own views. In short, he makes it okay for you to be you.”

High praise indeed. But then something changed. Such dramatic ideological reversals normally mean someone has been offered money or position by a new benefactor after the old one lost interest. Kassy, like a lot of women who crave male attention, switches her affiliations and loyalties in an instant. Even her political opinions shift, it seems, depending on the latest guy to show her a bit of attention. She’s a bit like one of those jihadi brides, renouncing her entire way of life and disowning her parents because she’s infatuated with a new man. Kassy Dillon’s political opinions, it should already be clear, are worth less than nothing.

If you don’t believe me, consider the case of Nick Fuentes, whose reputation she tried to destroy, together with the shadowy NeverTrumpers who run the anonymous Reagan Battalion Twitter account, by sharing footage of him making off-color remarks. That’s quite a turnaround from her assessment a few months prior. “I saw you wrote an article about Nick Fuentes,” she wrote to me by email. “This kid has talent. Watch some of the periscope. This kid blew me away. You need to take him under your wing.” Her assessment was off: Fuentes isn’t the kind of person I’d hang around with. But then, none of Kassy’s pronouncements can be said to stand the test of time.

And that’s before we get to the people she chooses to surround herself with in real life. I am told by those in the know that Kassy’s former best friend is John Edgar Rust, a 26-year-old convicted sex offender who admitted making racist threats to university students. Rust helped to start Kassy’s career by ghostwriting many of her articles, taking a break from his hobby of anonymously posting statements on 4chan such as, “It’s not murder if they’re black.” Rust’s conviction stems from a 2012 incident involving a child.

Recently, Kassy has drifted into timid, ineffective, morally-compromised, money-driven circles since her time as a proud campus hell-raiser. Funny, isn’t it, how all these high-minded conservatives were merrily fighting fire with fire in the culture wars, right up until the men with the checkbooks and National Review columns in their gift warned them to rein it in a bit, and stop associating with the hoi polloi?

These days our girl is writing for the scrupulously establishment-friendly Daily Wire. Sadly for her, I think her new benefactor’s going to come up short. The Trump movement is populated by pretty forgiving folks, so as and when Kassy wakes up and reverses course – again – I know there will be plenty of outstretched arms to greet her. But mine won’t be among them.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.