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Britain's Free Speech Uprising Gets Real

Little unites a Scottish Nazi pug dog YouTuber, an InfoWars host and a center-left culture critic besides a love of, and commitment to, free speech. And the belief that Europe could still be saved. But this merry band of British free-speech fundamentalists is on a quest to take over Nigel Farage's old party.

Maligned, ignored, used and abused by the Conservative Party, the U.K.’s most prominent and frustrated free speech advocates are banning together for what they hope will lead to real change in British politics. What began as a joke has rapidly snowballed into a political movement.

Last week YouTuber Count Dankula, who made international headlines after being arrested and put on trial for posting a joke video of his girlfriend’s dog doing Nazi salutes, announced via Twitter he was joining UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party.

The announcement was meant in jest, but spurred such outrage from blue-check liberals on Twitter Dankula decided to go ahead and pay the roughly $40 to become a card-carrying member.

UKIP was founded in 1993 by Nigel Farage and Alan Sked. It reached notoriety as the pioneering voice of the anti-European Union referendum known as Brexit, in which the British people voted to leave the EU in the summer of 2016. The party is consistently maligned in the media as being “far-right” and “racist.”

Since the referendum, membership in UKIP has plummeted to around 20,000 members. Many see that drop as a result of the conservative party, the Tories, assuming control and promising to deliver a swift and clean Brexit.

That hasn’t happened. And increasingly the Tories are seen as a milder version of their leftwing counterparts, the Labour party, particularly where issues of free speech and Islamofascism in Britain are concerned.

Then last month, conservatives, populists, classical liberals, and shitposters the nation-over were rocked when activist Tommy Robinson was thrown in jail for over a year for reporting on a Muslim rape gang trial in Leeds. The conservative government has yet to comment on Robinson’s arrest, which has sparked massive civil unrest in the country. Instead, Prime Minister Theresa May published a video last week praising Muslims for the “diversity” they bring to her country.

Following Dankula’s announcement, InfoWars’s Paul Joseph Watson and YouTuber Sargon of Akkad also announced they would be joining UKIP.

In a statement to DANGEROUS, Dankula said, “The reason we joined is for the most part we do believe in a lot of UKIP’s policies, there are a few that we have an issue with but we believe with further discussion those can be changed. We know that people see us as far-right and see UKIP are far-right, we get called far-right for literally anything so we had nothing to lose by joining UKIP and trying to make a difference,” Dankula said.

“The country and the entire political conversation has gone completely down the shitter because too many people are so ready to bend the knee to the SJW crymob because they are terrified of being called racist, alt-right etc and to be honest we are fucking sick of it. It’s time to stop letting these babies constantly have their way and fuck the country up because they absolutely refuse to analyze their own politics objectively.”

Sargon of Akkad, who has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube echoed Dankula’s frustrations. He announced in a video this week that, “fuck it,” he was also signing up.

Speaking to DANGEROUS, Akkad said: “I’m just tired of sitting on the fence doing nothing, really. People like Owen Jones from The Guardian are very close with [Labour leader Jeremy] Corbyn and I’m not even a member of a party. Since I’m talking about politics all the time I should probably just get involved. I suppose I envisage UKIP as basically being the party of freedom and self-determination for the common man, from the peculiarly British perspective of being quite self-critical, but having the courage to stand for one’s convictions in spite of that,” Akkad said.

“I think I’m joining as more of a fan of what they’re trying to achieve than anything else. I think an independent, sovereign, accountable Britain is a good thing and would benefit everyone except the radicals who are doing damage to democracy. I think anyone from a liberal tradition can understandably come together to oppose the centralisation of power in society, which the EU essentially represents. Where the EU is progressive, internationalist and elitist the British traditions tended to be more liberal, local and common. I think this is a clash of values being played out politically and I think returning to a more pluralistic form of public dialogue than the rather purist one that is propagated by the establishment is quite a good idea to help people understand one another. I’d like to see UKIP take advantage of internet culture to spread the ideas of liberty and a sensible dialogue to other sensible, liberal-minded people,” he said.

On Twitter, Paul Joseph Watson called UKIP “the new counter-culture” before encouraging his 872,000 followers to sign up as well.

Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter

While Theresa May is leading the Conservative Party, I have zero faith the Brexit we voted for will be delivered. We’re bringing UKIP back, both as a Brexit pressure party and as a guardian of free speech. Join today and retweet if you agree! https://t.co/f0Sqfu5oLk

The trifecta of the most influential voices in British populism has spurred countless others to join the populist party’s ranks, with speculation political prisoner Tommy Robinson could be next, once he’s released from jail.

Dankula went on to say he hopes the youth movement to UKIP will modernize the party.

“We hope to still be anti-EU, reduce immigration, and hold British liberal values above all else, and we would hope in future UKIP would gain some seats back, as right now they are truly the only party that care about freedom of speech and individual liberty. We hope that by gaining support for them from our fans who have the same values as us, we can modernize the party to the values that people really do want, ones that overall will benefit the country and it’s citizens,” he told DANGEROUS.

UKIP Needs You

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“Of course people will still call us alt-right, racists, white supremacists, etc. but we are way past the point of concerning ourselves with the opinions of retards.”

As we went to press, DANGEROUS publisher and British national MILO was getting his credit card out to sing up for a UKIP annual membership.

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