NYC Public Schools Pushing ‘Anti-Trump Dogma’ on 5th Graders

One outraged mother is speaking out after finding what she calls anti-Trump doctrine hidden in her 5th grader’s curriculum.

The mother reached out to DANGEROUS after discovering assignments her 11 year old daughter brought home from her English Language Arts class. The English teacher at public school PS5 in Manhattan’s District 6 decided to teach the students about America’s history with Mexico in an apparent effort to indoctrinate them against a border wall.

The incensed mom told DANGEROUS, “District 6 in NYC may either have an ongoing campaign to cripple the analytical skills of students, or it could be that educators we trust with our kids are simply unintelligent. I must unfortunately teach my kids to distrust the information their teachers give them.”

The mother reviewed a worksheet her daughter brought home a few weeks ago. It contained a newsletter from that painted an alternative version of the U.S.’s relationship with Mexico and incomplete accounts of the Mexican-American War that attempted to portray the U.S. as tyrannical, land stealing aggressors, she says.

The mother said the homework assignment included, “A brief description of the U.S immigration policy followed by why Mexicans needed to flee Mexico during the revolution in 1916,” she said.

The worksheet talks about a time where people “passed freely” across the U.S.-Mexico border, except for the “cattle.”

“It described that the first border fence was built to keep cattle in and not keep people out, and that a fence to keep people out was only built in the 1990s after Americans started to become concerned with unlawful immigration.”

This was hardly the first eyebrow raising incident at the publicly-funded New York school, the mom says. In the past, teachers at PS5 had assigned her daughter to go home and watch specific CNN reports about race relations. The school also posts LBGT Pride posters in the hallways for the pre-pubescent students to see. The mother says she’s losing trust in the school to properly educate her daughter and believes they are pushing an agenda to indoctrinate the kids.

She went on to say of the history lesson, “They injected politics into it. The last part of the newsletter talks about Donald Trump’s plans for the big wall to prevent further illegal immigration, and how it’s going to cost more than what President Trump had originally said it would, and that many people think it’s a bad idea.”

Under the section headed “Future Plans for the Border” the worksheet claims, “Many people think it’s a bad idea,” in reference to the wall. It goes on to spell out arguments against the wall, as if it was penned by the Democratic party themselves. The print out ignores all benefits to having a secure boundary between countries. Instead, it tells children how much it will cost and that Congress “has not strongly supported Trump’s wall either.”

At the end of the xeroxed print out, the teacher penned the questions:

“What do you think of Trump’s future plans for the border?”

“What do you think should happen with the future of immigration?”

The mother said her daughter was uncomfortable completing the assignment, afraid that her friends in the heavily Hispanic district wouldn’t like her if she gave her true opinion. Her mother, a conservative and a Trump supporter, found the tactics used in the assignment to be sneaky, and told her daughter she didn’t have to do it if she didn’t want to.

She then sent a note expressing her shock to the teacher, and says she never received a reply.

“The demographic in District 6 is mostly Hispanic, many immigrant children. The newsletter did not include any mention of current issues concerning the border wall, no mention of human trafficking, drug trafficking, violent gangs or terrorists. It did not mention any of the reasons why Americans are concerned about unlawful immigration, and its impact on the United States. Students are left with an impression that President Trump is simply a ‘meanie’, who doesn’t want people like them and their parents to enter the country,” the mother, who happens to be an immigrant herself, said.

“It is alarming to me as a parent that teachers failed, and perhaps purposely failed, to provide the children with sufficient information to examine the pros and cons of a border wall,” she continued.

“Students are taught to agree because of lack of counter argument, instead of being taught to analyze, which would be training them to think critically. And if they did include sufficient information the children would have had to choose between repressing their basic instinct of self-preservation or agreeing with President Trump, which is a ‘bad thing’ in District 6,” the mother told DANGEROUS.

PS5 declined to comment for this article.  

Pawl Bazile is Senior Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.

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