How The UK Is Responding To Tommy Robinson And The Muslim Rape Crisis

British premier Theresa May ignores Tommy Robinson's death sentence in favor of pandering to Muslim hurt feelings.

The world was rocked by news this week British political prisoner Tommy Robinson had been abruptly moved to a Muslim-dominated prison near Birmingham. 

Robinson, who was arrested outside Leeds Crown Court for reporting on a Muslim grooming gang trail under way, was immediately thrown in prison, with the court citing a prior violation.

Despite massive civil unrest resulting from the case, the U.K. government has remained largely silent on Robinson’s arrest and on grooming gangs in general.

It appears that won’t change anytime soon.

British Prime Minister Theresa May came out of her shell to address the nation Thursday to acknowledge all the blessings and gifts British Muslims continue to provide.

No, not speech regulations, knife bans, dead civilians, and thousands of raped children across Old Blighty, but “diversity.”

In the Eid Mubarak message, a raucous celebration that marks the end of Ramadan, May deemed it an occasion for all Britons “to reflect on and celebrate the incredible contribution to our national life made by Britain’s three million Muslims.”

“In every corner of the country and every walk of life,” the Tory leader went on to say, “British Muslims are making a positive contribution to their communities and their country, playing their part in making this a successful, diverse nation that we can all be proud of.”

Get your barf bag ready and watch the video below

British Prime Minister Theresa May Sends Eid Mubarak Message & Greetings To British Muslims 2018

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Feature image: May/The Zambian Observer

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