2 Transgender High School Students Wallop Girls in State Track Championships

Parents in Connecticut are in an uproar after two male students who identify as female dominated the girls’ state track championships last week.

Sophomore Terry Miller took first place in both the 100 and 200 meter dash. Another student who identifies as female, Andraya Yearwood, took second place in the 100 meter dash, reports News 8 Hartford.

Now, claiming the students had an unfair advantage, parents are circulating two petitions calling on the state legislature to require student athletes to compete in sports based on their gender at birth, unless the athlete has undergone hormone therapy.

Glastonbury, CT mother Bianaca Stanescu, whose daughter finished sixth in the 100-meter state competition, began one of the petitions.

Speaking to News 8 in 2017, Yearwood expressed feelings of always wanting to be a girl.

“I had these pink and purple furry boots that I wore to school,” Yearwood said.  “I guess since I was always different I learned to deal with it and grow tougher skin over it.”

Following the uproar over the athletic competition, Yearwood commented on being grateful.

“I’m extremely grateful because I’ve heard of stories where some people don’t get the same opportunities as me and have had to go through really hard times with this,” Yearwood said.

Transgender students humiliating women in high school athletics has been a hot issue lately. In Texas recently a female-born student on hormone therapy who identifies as a male dominated the women’s state wrestling competition for the second straight year.

In response to the petitions circulating in Connecticut, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference insists its policies on student athletes and gender are in line with state law. The organization says students can compete in sports according to the gender they identify with, and not the one they are born into.

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feature image: Andraya Yearwood/The Hartford Courant

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