CNN’s Jim Acosta Caught on Hot Mic Planning to Antagonize Trump, Kim at Peace Summit

As the world anxiously awaited the outcome of the historic North Korean peace summit in Singapore, CNN’s Jim Acosta was busy planning how he could agitate President Trump and Kim Jong Un.

A live stream of the summit broadcast on RT’s YouTube channel Monday caught Acosta saying to coworkers, “If they’re not going to let me in the fucking meeting, then that’s what happens.”

The audio begins after a group of reporters move through a hallway to overlook a courtyard where Trump and Kim were strolling.

An unknown individual working with Acosta asks, “What did Trump say?”

Acosta then says, “He said excellent meeting so far.”

On the recording Acosta and his colleagues then replay audio of Acosta unprofessionally yelling questions at Trump and Kim as they left the historic meeting to move to another location.

Audio: “Mr. Kim, will you get rid of your nuclear weapons sir?”

Audio: “Mr. President, how’s it going so far?

Trump: “Excellent”

Acosta: “What do you think?”

Trump: “Very, very good. Excellent relationship. Thank you.”

Acosta: “Any progress Mr. President?”

As Acosta shouted at the world leaders engaged in delicate peace talks, other reporters displayed far more respect and decorum, merely snapping photos of Trump and Kim as they walked. Acosta, no stranger to making the story about himself, appeared to be the only journalist in Singapore disrespectful enough to interfere with the international negotiation.

On the hot mic, Acosta and two CNN reporters are heard talking about how they will continue to yell questions at Trump until they are allowed inside the sensitive meeting.

Acosta: “Hey, if they’re not going to let me in the fucking meeting, then that’s what happens.”

CNN Reporter: “That’s right.”

CNN Reporter: “Yeah, that’s what I’d, that’s what I’d shout to ask him.”

CNN Reporter: “All day long man. All day long.”

CNN Reporter: “It’s certainly our right to ask him a question.”

CNN Reporter: “If they don’t want us in the meeting, then it’s all day long.”

Acosta: “That’s the way it goes, baby.”

Acosta’s reputation for boorish pressroom behavior precedes him. In April at the White House Easter egg roll, Acosta shouted about DACA as President Trump was speaking to a group of children.

In January last year, Acosta continually interrupted the President he was trying to answer questions in a briefing, promoting Trump to say, “You are fake news.”

And who can forget the time Acosta attempted to recite poetry during a White House press briefing?

Following the fake news reporter’s attempts to rattle sensitive diplomatic talks, a movement has rolled out online calling for the White House to revoke Acosta’s press credentials.

Acosta and CNN Caught on Hot Mic at North Korean Summit

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