LISTEN: Unsealed 911 Tapes Detail Officer Reports of ‘Multiple Shooters’ at Mandalay Bay

New material released by court order Wednesday from the Las Vegas investigation includes rooftop surveillance footage from Mandalay Bay, and news of a second shooter.

More documents released by court order last Wednesday from the Las Vegas shooting investigation includes rooftop surveillance video footage from the Mandalay Bay, CCTV Strip Camera Project footage, and recordings of 518 emergency 911 calls placed as the horror unfolded the night of October 1, 2017.

In one of the 911 recordings, a security employee from the Mandalay Bay placed a call to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department dispatch to report an active shooter on the 32nd floor of the hotel. The call was logged as occurring on October 1 at 10:14:50 pm local time. The call lasted a little over than 20 minutes, as the security officer gave police dispatch information about active shooters inside the hotel in real time as the massacre played out.

“This is Mandalay Bay Security Dispatch, we have an active shooter in room 32-135, 32nd floor, Mandalay Bay,” the employee reported to the dispatch operator. The operator asked for a description of the shooter and if he was still shooting. The Mandalay Bay security officer is heard on the call describing the location of the room on the floor, telling dispatch that the room is “barricaded,” that they do not know what is happening in the room, but there are witness reports of glass shattering and shooting taking place outside of the room. He also reported to dispatch that a security officer was shot and that medical assistance was on the way.

As Mandalay Bay security stays on the line with dispatch, the officer continues to relay information as it unfolds. While on the line, the officer receives a report of another active shooter located in the Mandalay Bay Crystal Room over panicked radio activity from the hotel security radios that can be overheard on the call.

The security officer then asks another hotel employee, “Hey, is that a new location,” and then proceeds to tell Metro dispatch, “Yeah, we have a new active shooter, casino level, Crystal Room.” During this time in the 911 call, heightened radio communication in the background gives a location of the Crystal Room, with what seems to be reports of several shots fired there.

The security officer directs another employee to check the surveillance footage of the Crystal Room to observe any shooter or activity. He reports to Metro dispatch that there are officers coming to clear the room. Chaos continues to play out in the background as the employee stays on the phone with dispatch. The other employees report a “long shot” of the alleged shooter in the Crystal Room as he runs by.

A little over seven minutes into the call, a four-man team of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arrive in the Mandalay Bay security control room. The LVMPD officers take the line and explains to dispatch that they will only be available through phone, as they have no radio signal. The officers also report what weapons they have on hand.

An LVMPD officer continues to keep dispatch on the line, asking the operator for staging area details on team deployment. A little over ten minutes into the call and, according to the official police timeline, 20 minutes after the shooting began, the dispatcher informs the officer there is a medical staging area only at that time, and they are “trying to get SWAT,” suggest a SWAT team had not yet arrived on the scene. 

The dispatcher then asks the officer if they have a description yet. She tells the officer “we think the [shooter] might be in a vehicle now.” Dispatch asks the officer whether a shooter was still in the hotel room, and the LVMPD officer said they were monitoring the cameras, with “nothing seen yet as of right now.”

The dispatcher then says there is a landline call from another security officer within the hotel, reporting three shooters confirmed on the 32nd floor. The officer passed the report on to the team on site, and shared details about people “ducking” by a restaurant. The officer then took a call on a separate line from what appears to be a concerned loved one and assured the person he was fine and would call them back.

In the 911 call, the officer is heard reporting to another caller on a separate line from Metro dispatch, “There is an active shooter, possibly, possibly not confirmed, terror related, but three shooters so far. Information is not verified though. The, supposedly got three shooters on the 32nd floor, multiple casualties, one officer shot in the head, we are still verifying, kind of chaotic right now.” The dispatcher then reports a Metro officer has received a gunshot wound to the neck.

The officer then discusses organizing a response team, as it appears no team yet had been established to send to the 32nd floor or to engage any identified suspects. He relays to the dispatcher there was a security request call to the 28th floor for an unknown reason. Additional frantic radio communication crackles in the background. The call is then either dropped or the recording is cut off.

The 911 call does not appear to be recorded on page 4 of the main event log of under number 171001003519, however an associated log into event number 171001003516 close to the time of the call appears on page 1. 

The details of multiple shooters in the hotel, a separate location of a shooting in the Crystal Room, and reports from security confirming three shooters on the 32nd floor does not align with the preliminary LVMPD “FIT” report of the shooting, nor to the official communication received by the LVMPD and the FBI.

Yet the very thorough and specific details provided by both the security officer for Mandalay Bay and the LVMPD officer who took over the call corroborate with radio communication heard in the background of multiple shooters being reported in real time. 

Further interviews released describe reporters of a shooter on the top floor. In a recorded interview with a Mandalay Bay staffer taken on Oct. 10 by a Detective Hodson and Special Agent G. McCamey, the employee recounts an officer being shot on the 32nd floor, calls streaming in from hotel guests and neighboring hotels, and an active shooter on the roof. 

The employee says a security officer calling on his cell phone says he thinks he was shot by a “pellet gun” and reported his location of the 32nd floor, in the cubby area outside of rooms 118 and 120.

The employee states they could hear gunshots over the call from the location of the injured security officer. The same witness continues to explain a lot of calls coming from within the hotel, along with calls from neighboring hotels.

On page 36 of the report, the employee describes a specific call about an “active shooter 32135,” and then another call where the shooters were in “Crystal Rooms, which is on the 60th floor.” The witness follows up this statement with a correction, stating the room is on the 62nd floor.

On page 37 the witness points out attempts made to locate and capture the shooter, stating “Uh, we sent units up there, they cleared the room, said there was no shooter in the room, uh, checked for injured guests or employees. As far as I remember it sounded like they were tryin’ to chase whichever shooter it was down the stairwell, and they didn’t know which stairwell, so the team pretty much-well whoever responded to the Crystal Room on the top.”

This radio communication and witness report seems to align with what is printed on page 7 of the dispatch logs released on May 23, along with other documents required to be made public under a Nevada Supreme Court order.

The map of The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino indicates a “Crystal Room, casino Level.” There is reference to the room on the 911 call as the high-roller “Crystal Room,” but no further explanation as to whether this refers to the Mandalay Bay Casino floor, or the separate hotel located on the top floors of Mandalay Bay, which is the Four Seasons. The employee in the witness statement refers to the “62nd floor” where there is a “Crystal Room on the top.”

On page 32 an additional entry supports claims  of multiple shooters. At 11:15pm, a dispatch log states a spouse of an off-duty fire department worker is reporting an active shooter behind the bar on the roof of The Mandalay Bay, which is actually the Four Seasons Hotel. On page 33 there is a description of an unknown subject that “will possibly be at Crystals XST from shooting.”

The official narrative given by the LVMPD and the FBI for the night of the shooting has not wavered for nearly nine months. Along with insisting there was only one shooter, authorities also have refrained from identifying this crime as an act of terrorism. Sheriff Lombardo of the LVMPD has refused to give further interviews or press conferences related to the event or address the new information released under the court order.

Lombardo has also issued a ban on department employees speaking to the press about the new information. This ban prevents members of the media or the public from confirming any steps taken that may explain some of the discrepancies between the official police timeline and the new information in the documents. 

So far the document dump, reported on exclusively by DANGEROUS, showed the alleged gunman, Stephen Paddock, warned an Uber driver of a “terrorist attack” at the Mandalay Bay, that his bank account had been frozen due to suspicions of funding terrorism, that three other women were registered to his hotel room, and his girlfriend had ISIS connections on Facebook.

Listen to call #39 below

Las Vegas Shooting 911 Call #39, A Detailed Account of a Mandalay Bay Security Officer’s 911 Call

FULL ARTICLE HERE: On Wednesday June 6, 2018, more documents from the Las Vegas shooting investigation were released by court order. Newly released 911 calls from the night of the Las Vegas shooting are starting to shed light onto what happened the night of October 1, 2017.

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