Starbucks Chief Eyes White House Run, Democrat Media Lashes Out

Who ordered the tall, white, extra soy for President?

Immediately after announcing his departure from Starbucks, Executive Chairman Howard Schultz began sounding like a man running for office.

Appearing on CNBC on Tuesday, the Hillary-buddy launched bombs at both President Trump and the Democrats, calling the recent tax cuts “reckless” and pinning the root of America’s cultural divide on the current Commander-in-Chief. 

“It’s not about trade wars with China, it’s not about building a wall, it’s about getting our house in order,” the coffee tycoon pontificated.

According to Bloomberg, “Schultz also lamented that ‘some Democrats’ had moved too far to the left.”

Under a–hold your laughter–President Hillary Clinton, Schultz was speculated to become Labor Secretary and Tuesday’s grandstanding wasn’t the first time the corporatized social justice CEO shared his political opinions on a national platform.

In 2017, Business Insider released a video of Schultz telling workers “We have a president that is creating episodic chaos every single day and that is no doubt affecting consumer behavior,” among other pointed accusations.

Just after that statement was made the U.S. saw a massive spike in consumer confidence, reaching the highest levels since before the Great Recession in 2008.

That same year, Schultz announced a plan to hire 10,000 migrants throughout all Starbucks locations in a feeble attempt to hashtag resist President Trump’s travel ban on six nations that aid terrorism. As a direct result, Starbucks was boycotted and the company’s consumer opinion dipped.

Schultz is a corporate progressivist who envisions a nation run just like his coffee chain. He doesn’t believe in stealing from the wealthy to the extent that someone like Bernie Sanders may. He also says the U.S. can’t afford socialized medicine and he isn’t all that concerned with issues like global warming. He also believes the national debt is a major issue that needs addressing. 

Such views from the political outsider have made the Democrats uneasy. Alt-left media and conspiracy theory websites like CNN have swiftly punched back at the notion of a Schultz 2020 campaign.

New York magazine published an article Wednesday titled, “Democrats Must Reject Howard Schultz and His Radical Centrist Ideology.” 

The headline was not sarcastic. We checked. 

CNN ran a story titled “Why the Starbucks guy should not be President.” And the Washington Post gave space to a piece headlined, “Howard Schultz Shouldn’t Run for President.” 

After a pair of nonpaying grifters were asked by staff to leave a Starbucks store in Philadelphia in April, a nationwide leftwing “racism” circle-jerk ensued. Schultz had planned to step down from the company before that incident but stayed on to virtue signal the coffee giant into calmer waters. 

At the end of May, he ordered over 8,000 Starbucks stores to shut down for racial education training. He also announced that now anyone was welcome to hang out in a Starbucks for as long as they’d like, whether or not they were paying customers. 

At least we know where he stands on immigration.

Shcultz’s formal involvement with the company will now cease by the end of June.

feature image: Howard Schultz/Business Insider

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