Roger Stone Vaporizes ‘Epitome of Fake News’ Writer at the Wall Street Journal

Close Trump ally and political operative Roger Stone took fake news to task in an op-ed published in the Central Florida Post over the weekend.

The target of Stone’s frustration was Wall Street Journal writer Shelby Holliday.

“In the forty years I have been in American politics I have encountered more than my share of fake news peddlers — poseurs who fancy themselves reporters but are, in reality, bent on twisting the truth and propagating falsehoods to serve their ulterior, usually partisan, agenda. I am hard-pressed to recall one more fitting this description than Shelby Holliday of the once great Wall Street Journal,” Stone wrote.

Stone has launched an assault recently on bias and mischaracterizations against him in multinational, billion-dollar fake news organizations. Last last year, Stone was also permanently banned from Twitter.

He accuses Holliday of being “the most deceitful manipulator and delusion-peddler in American politics today,” noting the continued harping on the Russian collusion hoax.

Stone blasted, “In an April 2, 2018 WSJ write-up on the Wikileaks-Assange angle to the Russia collusion hoax, Holliday systematically ignored demonstrated facts and omitted any fair rebuttal by me, in order to falsely portray my sworn testimony to the House Intelligence Committee about my confirming source for Julian Assange’s stunning revelation on CNN in June 2016 that he had obtained bombshell e-mails regarding Hillary Clinton and would publish them.”

He went on expose the standard journalistic practice of lying by omission and, in this case, repeating the Russia narrative put forth by Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. Stone says his testimony was ignored in the Journal, as he answered all questions the House Intelligence Committee could throw at him.

A reader of the Holliday story would be lead to believe that Stone failed to identify his source, who is talk radio show host Randy Credico. Credico later ran from the story, denying it along the way. The initial piece implied Stone’s answers were false because Credico denied being the source and that Credico only met with Assange after Stone’s statement.

Stone points out that believing his testimony is false relies on trusting Schiff wholly, despite knowing of the California Democrat’s history of sketchy claims and loose relationship with the truth.

“I should note here that I fully and completely and willingly testified for hours, under oath, before the House Intelligence Committee, and that my testimony there was completely responsive and truthful in all respects, as well as consistent with every other public statement or interview I have made about this whole defamatory faux scandal, regardless of the constant false claims to the contrary concocted and spread around the media by Democrat members of the committee. I also covered all of the facts concerning Credico, ad nauseum, on my own website,” Stone asserts.

The Republican style icon went on to say, 

“When the facts finally came to light, the narrative that Holliday had disingenuously peddled was proven to be nothing but a pack of lies assembled by Schiff and Credico. I should note here that, as Holliday herself has now reported, Credico after first refusing to testify has now rushed to the eager waiting arms of the Intelligence Committee Democrats. Despite the Committee’s closing of its investigation, having found no evidence to support the Democrat’s defamatory hoax, the vendetta-driven, deceitful Democrats nonetheless labor on mightily in hopes of keeping their collapsing Russian collusion hoax alive and distracting the public from the Obama-Clinton national security crimes.”

The national security crime Stone refers to are the members of the Democratic party back channeling to spy on members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Credico’s identity as Stone’s confirming source was provided to the Committee, despite being selectively omitted from the Journal piece. After Schiff publicly leaked Credico’s identity as Stone’s source, Credico was released from his New York’s WBAI radio hosting job.

Stone responded to Credico’s denial of being his source saying, “The truth of the matter is that Credico’s claims that he was not my confirming source have been contradicted by his own explicit admissions, not only verified on the record by individuals to whom he made them, as noted in an interview Credico gave to ArtVoice, a longstanding progressive website, but also by recorded statements straight from Credico’s own mouth, now posted on the internet.”

Despite not having met Assange until after Stone’s revelations, Stone points out Credico had a “30-year relationship with a lawyer whom he told me worked for WikiLeaks.” That lawyer is who Stone was led to believe was the source within Wikileaks and not Assange personally. This is an issue he says reports in the Journal intentionally confuse.

Holliday apparently had no interest in Stone’s multiple efforts to reach out in order to set the record straight. She proceeded to report the story without clarifying the potential Schiff and Credico manipulation of the narrative.

Holliday’s newest piece published on May 24th shows the efforts that go into twisting a narrative. As Stone points out, the article came with the dubious headline, “‘Roger Stone Sought Information on Clinton From Assange, Emails Show’,  rather than ‘Roger Stone Sought Information of Clinton Libya Misdeeds from a Journalist Connected to Wikileaks’, which would be a more accurate title.

It contradicts Holliday’s April 2 story, acting as if she had exposed new information while ignoring Stone’s repeated instance that his connection to Wikileaks was through a third party source.

Stone illustrates, “the Schiff-Holliday would-be narrative casting me as some sort of murky agent of Russian influence, playing fast and loose with the truth is once again demolished, despite the clear attempt by Holliday to insert Schiff into the story and torture it to, once again, put me falsely under some sort of generalized suspicion, per Schiff’s continuing lies and distortions.”

Adam Schiff continues to hide behind his Congressional immunity and refuses to testify. Stone has now challenged him to “put his money where his big, slanderous mouth is” and go on record about what he claims to know about Russian collusion.

Article after article written about Stone’s involvement repeatedly confuses the truth. The agenda-driven media continues to find new and creative ways to smear people like Stone as the Russia narrative collapses before their eyes.

Yet the more information that comes out, Stone feels it proves his point.

“My only relation to Assange or Wikileaks was merely to as a journalist and broadcaster seeking information or confirmation through another journalist and broadcaster whom I believed had access to sources in the Wikileaks organization,” he says. 

Stone remains steadfast that he had absolutely no collaboration with the cloak and dagger dealings some in the media hope to convey. 

Stone ended the piece writing, “Shelby Holliday is the epitome of fake news and she is now busted. But then, I’m sure she’ll be promptly invited onto MSNBC where bullschiff like hers has been raised to an art form.”

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Pawl Bazile is Senior Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.





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