Body Cam Footage Shows Woman Lied About Cop Attack, Shaun King in Retreat

Around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, Sherita Dixon-Cole and was pulled over by Texas State Troopers for a routine traffic stop.

Dixon-Cole ended up arrested and placed into police custody for about an hour, stemming from an open container of alcohol found inside her vehicle.

After being released, Dixon-Cole rushed to accuse the arresting officer of requesting a bribe through sexual favors, inappropriately fondling her, and implying he threatened to shoot her unarmed fiance once he arrived at the scene.

The sickening allegation was made even more repugnant when, days later, it was exposed as a complete and utter fabrication.

In a video released by the Texas Department of Public Safety, body camera footage absolved the officer of all the grotesque allegations. 

But that wasn’t before Intercept columnist and Dolezal-protégé Shaun King, known to his Internet detractors as Talcum X or Martin Luther Cream, jumped in to tell Dixon-Cole’s fake story and launch a targeted harassment campaign against the officer and the jail where she had been detained.

In King’s original article, he stated: “My default position is going to always be to believe black women when they report what has happened to them.”

King then took to Twitter to feverishly report the news of the supposed assault to his nearly 1 million followers.

“This woman was kidnapped and raped by a Texas State Trooper — OFFICER [redacted], she is now being held hostage in Ellis County Jail!” he wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post.

As The Maven reports:

“The post instantly resulted in thousands of people flooding the jail with phone calls…The mob then misidentified another law enforcement officer as the arresting officer because he had the same last name. They then began to post his phone number, his wife’s information, and the information of other family members online.”

After the footage was released, the Texas DPS wrote in a statement, “The video shows absolutely no evidence to support the egregious and unsubstantiated accusations against the Trooper during the DWI arrest of the suspect. The department is appalled that anyone would make such a despicable, slanderous and false accusation against a peace officer who willingly risks his life every day to protect and serve the public.”

King waited days after the footage was released to finally address his destructive error. In his original reporting, the former New York Daily News darling failed to follow rule number one in journalism, to identify Dixon-Cole’s allegations for what they were: allegations. 

“It does a tremendous disservice to actual victims when something horrible like this is fabricated.” King finally acknowledged.

Now, the arresting officer has lawyered up, and has his sights on King. 

The lawyer representing the officer wrote in a letter to both King and the Dixon-Cole’s attorney, Lee Merritt, “The identification error has defamed and is defaming my client and his family resulting in substantial harassment and threats necessitating his discontinuation of his Facebook page” and to request “protection for himself and his family from appropriate law enforcement agencies.”

Dixon-Cole still faces a DWI charge. She may also be charged with a misdemeanor for filing an intentionally false police report. 

Earlier this month, a woman who made a viral video claiming to have been harassed by a “white cop” in Virginia during a routine traffic stop also was later proved to be lying when that officer’s body cam footage was released.

Journalists and Black Lives Matter activists have pressured police forces to equip all officers with body cams. The outcome may not be as they had intended. 

feature image, Sherita Dixon-Cole via The Blaze

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