Publisher Cancels Graphic Novel with $260K in Funding Following SJW Harassment

Over the weekend the cultural puritans in the social justice mob successfully sabotaged the release of a crowdfunded graphic novel called Jawbreakers – Lost Souls.

The comic book world has since been in a spin.

The project, which sought donations on IndieGoGo and was promoted under Richard Meyer’s Diversity & Comics, led to a massive $260,000 raised. However, that same brand spurred the controversy that led to the book’s demise.

The team behind Jawbreakers consists of writer Meyer, with drawings by Jon Malin from Marvel Comics, coloring by Brett Smith (credited for works spanning from G.I. Joe to Justice League), and Ethan Van Sciver who has worked on covers from the Green Lantern to illustrations in Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life.

Meyer sparked controversy through his YouTube channel Diversity & Comics, where he has been unapologetically— sometimes inflammatory—in his analysis of the progressive left’s attack on comic book culture.

After learning of his comic’s cancellation through its publisher, Meyer tweeted,Please don’t send any negative messages or energy toward AntarcticPress They did what they had to do after enduring a vicious wave of bullying from SJW Comic Book Pros that was led by Mark Waid.”

Founder of Antarctic Press, Ben Dunn, told the website Bleeding Cool, “I am unaware of what the creator has stated to set off such a reaction. Yes. Of course I am concerned about the feelings and beliefs of others. However, I also believe that there should be no restriction in the free exchange of ideas. I do not believe I am forcing the creator’s ideas unto anyone just as I am not forcing anyone to support it. My hope is that we are all mature enough to be able to see that there are other points of view.”

A social media firestorm raged over the weekend as rumors that Mark Waid — known for his work for Captain America, The Flash, and others — reached out to Antarctic Press, to drop the publication of Meyer’s work.

Both Antarctic and Waid confirmed this, with Waid writing to to Bleeding Cool, “I phoned him out of legitimate concern to warn him that there seemed to be a lot of anger directed at him by fans unhappy that he’d so openly embrace someone whose entire reputation was based on harassment and preaching intolerance and bigotry.”

According to at least one list of 2018’s best-selling comic books. Jawbreakers, despite not being officially released, allegedly ranked 7th overall in sales.

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