Rising Comic Muscled Off Stage by Amy Schumer Reveals Her Private Text Messages


Brendan Sagalow, a budding comic intimidated off stage by Amy Schumer last week during his first headlining spot at Carolines in New York City, appeared on the popular Legion of Skanks podcast to share private communications with the actress.

During his set last Tuesday, with his family and friends in the audience, Schumer showed up unannounced and hustled him off stage because she wanted to practice new material for an upcoming SNL appearance.

On the LOS podcast, Sagalow appeared alongside Ari Shaffir and read some private text messages between him and Schumer that transpired after her bizarre interruption.

The texts appear to reveal, for a successful movie star, Schumer seems to have insecurities as big as her appetite, and ended with something that looked like a veiled threat to Sagalow.

“We ended up talking about the word cuck,” Sagalow described as the four other comics proceeded to tease him about letting Schumer take his stage time.

Schumer wrote to Sagalow, “I think you’re so great and I know neither of us will ever forget it.”

‘The Puerto Rican Rattle Snake’ Louis J. Gomez asked, “How do you not hate her?” referring to what he inferred to be a patronizing tone of the texts.

“Even when you say it, it reads as an Amy Schumer sarcastic joke,” Dave Smith, star of the new special Libertas, pointed out.

“I love Amy,” ‘Big’ Jay Oakerson said, “…and you should hate her.” In the past Oakerson has worked with the I Feel Pretty actress on her show Inside Amy Schumer.

The podcast panel cringed at Sagalow wishing to avoid offending a bigger star than him, as he joked in the text conversation, “my mom got to see a funny comic.”

Schumer continued to address the word “cuck,” texting “I’m worried that you’re in chat rooms or talking to dudes who use that phrasing.” She added  “If it had been a dude, would they say he cucked you?”

“Her problem was that it wasn’t feminist enough?” Shaffir asked, holding back palpable disgust.  

Gomez warned the young comic, “Brendan, she’s just giving you shit! She’s cucking you again!”

Schumer’s highly sensitive personality wasn’t always her trademark. Smith says he knew a pre-fame Schumer and recalled how much she’s changed.

“When I met Amy she would do a solid one-liner, misdirection, rape joke. That was what she was known for,” he says on the podcast. Shocked by her new politically-correct personality he added, “she has drank the cool aid so much.”

The messages read on with Schumer giving Sagalow condescending, unsolicited advice, like “taking acting classes” and ominously warning “don’t be a part of anything that can hurt you down the road.”

“That was the thing where I was like, did she just threaten me?” Sagalow asked.

Schumer ended their conversation by ordering Sagalow to, “change the name of that podcast and spell my name right,” referring to the episode title of his own show, The Stupid Little Podcast, where Sagalow described the encounter with Schumer. She feared, “otherwise it seems like you’re upset about it.”

“Amy Schumer actually cares?” said Smith. “Dude, fuck her!”

Sagalow capitulated by changing the name of the show to “The I’m not mad at Amy Schumer Espisode.”

It appears Schumer’s skin might be the only thin thing about her. 

Meanwhile, the five men spent the rest of the Legion of Skanks episode taking hard verbal shots at each other with no one getting upset, because that’s what guys do.

Watch the episode below


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Pawl Bazile is Senior Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.

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