Alyssa Milano’s Armed Bodyguard Threatens Journalist at Anti-Gun Rally

This just in from the department of anti-gun celebrities who travel with hired guns. 

Alyssa Milano — an actress who hasn’t really been acting since the 2000s witch soap opera Charmed — appeared on Saturday taking a courageous stance against the gun lobby…with armed security by her side.

There but for the grace of a firearm, go I. 

The glaring hypocrisy was broadcasted directly from the anti-gun “NoRA” rally in Dallas, a counter-measure against the NRA convention that was also held there over the weekend which included a speech from President Trump. Milano is founder of NoRa, an anti-NRA organization. 

Milano spoke from a podium to a madly receptive crowd when a guerrilla journalist and NRA member by the name of Will Haraway approached one of Milano’s bodyguards to ask him if he was armed.

The question didn’t go over so well. Haraway was body-blocked whilst being told to move onto the sidewalk. The guard zeroed in on him, forcing him to retreat walking backwards.

“I’m going to ask you to leave,” the bodyguard is filmed repeatedly saying. Milano’s speech and the subsequent show of intimidation occurred on public property, where a private bodyguard would appear to have no technical jurisdiction to force a citizen to relocate, and where other onlookers appear to have been permitted to stand.  

The hypocrisy of anti-gun celebrities and other wealthy people traveling with armed security has been in the headlines since the left and their talking heads amped up anti-Second Amendment rhetoric following the shooting earlier this year at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Even the politicians who readily preach “common-sense gun laws” have hired armed security for their events, including in March when Bernie Sanders addressed an anti-gun crowd with heavily armed security. 

Author Ben Howe tweeted a video of the encounter on Saturday between Haraway and the bodyguard.

Meanwhile, the irony remained lost on Milano and her other friends of privileged status. 

Watch the video below 

Ben on Twitter

This is Will Haraway a CCW @nra member. He asked @Alyssa_Milano’s security if he was armed (he was) and then asked Alyssa about it. Here’s what happened. (She comes to talk to him after this and I will post that longer video shortly).


feature image: Milano, via

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