Full Text of MILO’s Speech at ‘Day for Freedom’ in London

Hello everyone! My goodness! How lovely you all are. This is what east London used to look like. 

On behalf of the intrepid souls on stage tonight, thank you for coming. The speakers here today have been through harrowing ordeals in their brave defence of free speech. Some of them are too modest to tell you themselves about the emotional toll this has placed on them. 

Count Dankula risked imprisonment when he was convicted of “being offensive on the internet.” For mocking Nazis. Imagine making that call to your mum and dad. Gavin McInnes’s outspoken commentary has got him fired from two of his own companies. Our host Tommy Robinson is lied about and slandered in the media, regularly putting him at risk of physical harm. And I … I have suffered perhaps more than anyone. I flew here in Economy class. 

Some of you may I have read about my recent financial woes. I like to say I’m between billionaires at the moment. It has been a humbling experience. This week we had to put a deposit down on the cheap Lamborghini. 

You have shown courage in being here. You are braving opprobrium. Risking censure. Braving ridicule and lies. Of course none of us here speaking to you today is actually “far-Right.” So I’m glad you weren’t put off attending by some of the name-calling in the press. 

For instance, despite being a gay Jew with a black husband, I am, according to Buzzfeed, the closest thing journalism has to David Duke. Bitch please. If I were thinking of joining the KKK I’d have to get a seasonal membership because wearing white after Labor Day would get me even more ostracized from gay society than I already am. 

But since the fake news media is here, allow me to address a few of those allegations before we continue. First of all, they call me an Islamophobe. This couldn’t be more wrong. Muslims and I have a great deal in common. We both think women should be not seen and not heard. We both throw massive tantrums when insufficiently coddled. And on a Friday afternoon I, too, can be found in a room full of grunting men with my ass in the air, ululating in ecstasy. 

They say I hate women. Well… so do other women. What they don’t tell you about the supposed outbreak of bullying and harassment on social media and sexist comments in universities and the workplace is that 9 times out of 10 when a woman is called a bitch it is behind her back and by another woman. Funny, they always leave that bit out. 

When I want to insult a woman, I do it to their faces or on stage. For instance. Caroline Criado-Perez, you are a brainless cunt. 

Another one they say all the time is transphobe, and I admit they have a point. But aren’t we all, really? I don’t know if transphobic is the right word though. I’m not scared of them so much as amused by the deep voices and bad wigs and how very, very touchy trans activists are on Twitter. They’re so thin-skinned they make Owen Jones look like Winston Churchill. 

They label me “anti-Semitic,” despite the fact that my mother is Jewish and the only thing I say about the Jews is that I think it’s wonderful we run everything and we can control the weather. 

Did you hear about that one, by the way? A lovely little dreadlocked lawmaker from Chicago called Trayon White is in trouble because video surfaced of him saying the weather was manipulated by the Rothschilds. So beautiful and so, so dumb.

If only I’d known Jews had this power, I’d have made it a bit cooler today, because this a $5,000 triple lined Turnbull and Asser evening jacket and I am fucking sweltering. 

Perhaps I can have the protestors rained on. Does anyone know how it works? Do I just do the Doctor Strange thing and think really hard? 

If Britain were a free country that respected my right to be offensive, I might have spent the next few minutes speculating what other races have superpowers. Maybe the Chinese can divide by zero. 

Japanese people seem to look good no matter what they’re wearing. Like chicken breast and Sally Bercow, they go with anything. 

Black people did Wakanda. That was nice. My favorite tweet of all time by the way was a Black Lives Matter supporter who angrily asked why she couldn’t find Wakanda in an atlas. Just another example of people of color being erased from history by white oppressors, she claimed. Brilliant. 

She hadn’t been that mad since they discovered Tutankhamen had mostly European DNA and that the majority of the Pharoahs were East Asian. We wuz kannnnggggsss! 

And then of course there’s white people, whose superpowers include parliamentary democracy, capitalism, the rule of law, property rights, TV and radio, cars, lightbulbs, the printing press, the internet, Shakespeare, Mozart, St Peter’s Basilica, Plato… 

… and, yes, Kate Smurthwaite. We have to own up to our mistakes, too. 

I love my white privilege, don’t you? I bask in it. My white privilege enables me to be labeled defective because of the color of my skin by the left. It allows me the pleasure of being told that because I am white I am responsible for the sins of every white person who came before me and that my life has been an effortless glide through the highest echelons of society. 

Well let me tell you. It hasn’t all been plain sailing. Ordinarily people like us hate to play the victim because we know that playing the victim is what they do, spinning their confected outrage and imagined grievances into social capital. 

But when you are in fact a victim of an injustice, there is no shame in occasionally pointing it out. The word “outrage” has been ruined by Twitter. But outrage, properly understood, is a natural response to injustice. Believe me, you are the victims of injustice. 

Your supposed white privilege enables you to be actively discriminated against in university applications because your life is just so fucking great. Tell that to the white working class boys in this country whose literacy rates are falling through the floor and who can’t get education or jobs. 

Tell it to the thousands of girls repeatedly and systematically gang-raped over decades in Telford and Rotherham because their abusers thought they were white meat, there for the taking.

Now quite honestly I don’t care much about race and don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it, except in the bedroom of course where I have a strict “no whites” policy — that’s the same policy the BBC now seems to have in its job application process. 

But it should and must be okay to draw attention to unfairness and absurdity when it is the product of conspiracy theory and hypocrisy. There is no such thing as white privilege. Mostly, there’s people with money and people without money, and poverty and lack of opportunity are colorblind. Just like the solution to poverty, capitalism, is colorblind. 

What I really care about is values, and the value we’re here today to defend is the right of every man, woman and child in these islands to express themselves however they see fit. I live in America now, because I think saving free speech in America is the best use of my gifts and will have the most impact. Looking at the state of this country, I’m glad I returned here. Because there is so much work to be done to restore justice and common sense to these islands. Today is the first step. 

This is your moment. This is your Woodstock. This is the day the line in the sand is drawn. This the day the Left finally begins to lose. 

The elites will not help you. Where were the comedians when a YouTuber was threatened with imprisonment for making a joke on the internet? 

Where, even, was the Conservative Party when expressing ordinary right-wing points of view in public became professionally perilous and socially disastrous? 

But the people are behind you. They show you when they defy our overlords to vote for Brexit. 

The police are behind you. They can’t say so because they are ruled by political appointees who think scouring Twitter for mean words is more important than saving young girls from racially-motivated mass rapes. But everywhere I have been in the world I have been embraced by law enforcement and the Armed Forces, who risk their lives to protect freedoms at home that the progressive left wants to strip from you. 

Most importantly, truth and righteousness are behind you. You are the vanguard. You are the dark knights. You are the first men and women to proudly stand above the parapet caring nothing for the bullets that will fly your way. 

Defending free expression is not code for permitting racism. This is not a secret plan to encourage the growth of bigotry. I don’t want people telling horrendous jokes about minorities all day. My friend Gavin McInnes would be out of a job. 

Our movement is just what we say it is: a demand that ordinary, respectable, reasonable points of view are allowable in polite society and appear more often on television. The refusal to accept criminalization for comedy. 

Unlike some of you here today, I am a true free speech fundamentalist. I *want* fascists like Antifa to be heard in public, because I believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant. What normally happens is they have no arguments and instead just start throwing punches. But let’s give them a chance. 

I believe that bad ideas should get the same hearing as good ones because I believe the power of ordinary people to tell the two apart. This classical liberalism is the basis of our civilization. We cannot lose it. 

If anything, I want greater prominence for the hateful and the bizarre and the downright idiotic. The more of the public is exposed to Cathy Newman, the greater the Tory majority in future elections. 

Similarly, I think that if people hear what neo-Nazis actually believe, they will run a mile. But if you ban it and hide it, it becomes seductive and irresistible. 

So yes. We are all lied about as a way of making us unpalatable and driving us from view. But the dam is breaking. It’s not working any more. 

When you say, as Gavin and Tommy and Sargon and I do, that you are a western chauvinist — a western supremacist, if you like — this is translated for you by the helpful members of the media as an admission of racism. 

Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth. You don’t have to read between the lines of what we mean. We are happy to tell you, just as actual white nationalists are perfectly happy to admit they are when you ask them. 

The Left has a problem taking people at face value, doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter how loudly a jihadi yells ALLAHU AKHBAR or explains in excruciating detail how their acts are in direct service of Allah, journalists will still find a way to blame toxic masculinity, gun laws or America. They even pretended the Pulse nightclub shooter, who killed 49 gays and hurt another 50, was gay and doing it out of repressed self-loathing because that’s another way you can blame Republicans for something. 

We think that the west is the best and we’d like it to stay that way, because we care about capitalism and freedom and free expression and, yes, we care about the vulnerable in society, which is why we want no sharia courts. 

We are also fiercely passionate about our country. You guys love your Queen! And you quite like that old broad in Buckingham Palace too. Patriotism is not racist. It is a vital organizing principle of a well-ordered, vibrant civil society. 

And who the hell wouldn’t be proud to be British? 

We know that our values are best because of how the most at-risk in society are treated everywhere else. Everywhere you find Islam, you find the systematic oppression of women and the murder of homosexuals — and not just in Raqqa or Riyadh. It is mainstream Muslim culture and everywhere Muslims congregate in the west they bring the same terrifying and regressive attitudes. 

I don’t hate anyone for their faith, even if I think that faith is structurally unsound and they are idiots for following it. I should at least be allowed to point out the hypocrisy of liberals who say they support women and homosexuals while at the same time mollycoddling and pandering to political Islam without losing my right to speak in public. Or my Twitter account! 

More and more people all the time are realizing that the reality around them does not conform the world you hear described on the BBC and in the Guardian. The veil is slipping. 

Because I defend straight white males from the hypocritical and hateful Left, I’m branded a white nationalist and a neo-Nazi. I don’t know how much black dick I have to suck before buzzfeed stops saying this but apparently the answer is “more.” 

But do you know why they lie about me so hysterically? Do you know why they lie about you? 

It is because they are afraid. For the first time in centuries, the yoke fastened to the neck of the people is cracking. Soon it will split and we will be free. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump demonstrate that the power of the press and the establishment to direct elections has gone. And it isn’t coming back. 

They fear us. They know that if we speak loudly enough and for long enough that their lies will be rendered ineffective. They know that the power of patriots and free speech warriors is mighty and that the arc of history bends toward freedom. They know that if we draw a line in the sand here, now, today, that the forces of political correctness and social justice and all the other wacky and illiberal and horrifying mechanics of the far Left will fail. 

By the way, I can see many of you out there are of somewhat advanced years and I want to give you a tip. If you’re ever in the throes of passion and the little dude starts giving out on you, just picture the odious halfwits here from the press being forced to type the words “President Donald Trump” in every story they write. Trust me, you’ll have a boner for days. 

Never before in the history of human civilization have the most maladjusted people wielded so much power over the rest of us. Sexless soyboy bloggers and frumpy, furious middle-aged spinsters frothing incontinently because someone dared to suggest that the wage gap might be a myth and that no, we are not six months from The Handmaid’s Tale crossing from fiction to reality. 

If anything, you’d need to invert the genders of Margaret Atwood’s novel to get a glimpse into the future of the emasculated west. In the future imagined by Buzzfeed and Vice, it is not women swinging from public buildings. It’s us. It’s you. And if you think I’m exaggerating, let me tell you. I’ve been in America for long enough to see it start to happen there. 

It cannot happen here. If we lose Europe, we lose everything. 

Some politicians are getting our message. At the end of this month, I will speak at the invitation of the Orban government in Hungary. That any politician would be brave enough to extend an official invitation to me is a sign of progress and the sort of risk-taking we need. 

I want you to congratulate yourselves for your fortitude in showing up today despite the risk to yourselves of false allegations from journalists who won’t say it out loud but who are privately sympathetic to not only the aims but also the methods of Antifa activists who smash up schools when I speak there and take pepper spray and bike locks to the faces of people who vote for right-wing parties or who merely want to express themselves on the internet. 

We’re here today because we don’t think opinions are dangerous — unless they’re from terrorists, or ugly people. We don’t think jokes hurt people. In fact, we know that frank and open dialogue is how you bring people together. Censorship and oppression is how you keep them apart. 

Say what you want. Be what you want. Do what you want. Never doubt yourself just because some loser with a WordPress login called you a mean name. And stay true to your consciences, because without that, western civilization is finished. 

Some people say it’s not very British to care too much. To assemble and loudly demand your rights and aggressively defend your point of view. Don’t make a fuss, as my mother would say. That’s the British way. 

I say Britain is a land that has always quietly, patiently and with grace and forbearance tolerated the lunatics a ferociously individualistic society is bound to produce. But the lunatics we fight today have insinuated their way into power. They sit on morning television sofas. They edit newspapers. They are appointed to run police forces. 

Their reign is over. 

To beat the forces of Mordor we will require courageous leaders to rise up from the citizenry. People who can weather the storm and absorb the attacks. Eloquent, selfless, defiant and determined insurgents. People who move the needle. People who say what we’re all thinking. 

The Left will stop at nothing. They are dedicated to your annihilation. If they will say about me, a man with a black husband, a man I love and cherish and respect and revere, that I am a white nationalist, there are no depths to which they will not sink. I have to explain to the man I love why everyone in the media calls me a racist. He has to explain to his family why he’s with me. It is not fun. 

So you need heroes! And I’m not enough on my own, fabulous as I am. For one thing, I don’t have the time. My haircare regime alone takes too much time for me to shoulder the burden alone. 

It is therefore my great pleasure to introduce you to a personal hero of mine and one of the bravest defenders of western civilization and free expression anywhere in the western world. 

Journalist, activist and hero to millions here and abroad, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, freedom fighter, cult gay icon and the UK’s best, last hope, Mr Tommy Robinson. 

Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author.


Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.

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