Tiny Hungarian Town Celebrates Terrifying Border Fence, Mayor Says ‘Calmness Has Returned’

Hungary has struck loathing into the hearts of leftists with one simple trick: a massively successful border fence.

A multilayered electric barrier with razor wire has been erected by the Eastern European nation which NBC has summed up as “a modern-day iron curtain that stretches for 100 miles.”

In 2016, with the migrant crisis knocking on its door the country of Hungary was torn by equally loud voices on both sides. Located in the middle of the debate was the small village of Ásotthalom, situated directly against the Hungary-Serbia-Croatia border, which previously saw a large influx of migrants primarily coming from Greece.

László Toroczkai, the mayor of Ásotthalom—a town of just over 4,000 residents—has been an outspoken proponent in securing the nation’s borders.

“I hope it inspires Americans,” he stated.

Toroczkai has been a polarizing figure who once sought to outright ban Muslims and gay people from Ásotthalom in an effort to “preserve traditions.”

Many consider the Hungarian border–currently manned by about 3,000 guards, dogs, thermal cameras, and soldiers–the first leg for migrants to reach the rest of the European Union. The new barrier replaced the previous single layer of fence that had been cut through easily and lacked proper security.

Germany, the epicenter of the migrant crisis, has seen a 10% increase in crime within two years. Of the increase, 92% have been attributed to young male migrants.

The migrant crisis reached a high of 138,000 refugees within a month in 2015, but has shown signs of easing up recently. Support for stricter migration laws have increased in many European nations, including Germany. 

Last year, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic were sued by the European Union for openly refusing to fill their migrant “quota.”

“It saved my town,” Toroczkai said. “Calmness has returned.”

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