WATCH: Laura Loomer Ambushes James Comey at New York Book Signing Event

Comey ain’t her homie.

On the first day of his book tour disgraced former FBI Director James Comey was confronted by investigative reporter and conservative activist Laura Loomer at a Barnes and Noble store in New York City.

On Wednesday evening Comey spoke to the audience for 20 minutes about what he called “ethical leadership” before transitioning into a Q and A of questions that were written on paper by the event attendees and screened by Comey and his staff before the talk.

But before delving into the scripted questions, Loomer shouted from the audience, “Hey Mr. Comey, how is it ethical to brief the President of the United States on an unverifiable and salacious dossier? And how is it ethical leadership to not tell him that his political opposition, Hillary Clinton, paid for it?”

Before Loomer could finish asking her question, the liberal New York City crowd began to meltdown, shouting obscenities at Loomer and booing her until security escorted her out.

Comey, who was caught off-guard by Loomer’s question, stood on stage in silence, staring at Loomer as she continued telling Comey, “You are not an ethical leader. Today 11 lawmakers filed a criminal referral against you! You’re going to get prosecuted Comey! You’re going to get locked up.”

The statement was in reference to 11 Congressional lawmakers making a criminal referral to the Department of Justice and delivered it to the desk of Attorney General Jeff Sessions against former senior-level Obama administration officials, including James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Hillary Clinton for their connection with the unverified Steele dossier that alleged the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

Loomer was quickly swarmed by several security officers who told her she needed to leave and escorted her out of the building. 

Watch the explosive video below


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