Science: Communism Sucks

Science is joining math, history, and basic human logic to declare communism is really fucking bad.

A new study reveals that communism makes countries less healthy and poor with the effects lasting for decades after.

Researchers looked into historical connections across cultures finding a country being ruled under the yoke of communism was the greatest factor for those with reduced health, income levels, and education.

The groundbreaking study is the first of its kind. 44 countries spanning Asia and Europe were examined with geography, religion, and systems of government factored in alongside the more abstract attribute they called “deep cultural ancestry.”

Published in the peer viewed journal Royal Society Open Science, researchers compared these components against where they stood on the United Nations Human Development Index to examine each country’s per-capita income, infant mortality rate, and the number of years of schooling each citizen achieves.

Aside from Islamic countries scoring worse on education, most of the contributing factors had almost no effect on the dissimilarities between countries.

What was discovered is the single most undeniable trait that impacted a country’s health and second biggest for a nation’s wealth was if its system of government fell to communism.

The research accounted that after World War II was over, Eastern European economies behind the Iron Curtain had much slower growth than the Western world. Despite the fall of the Soviet Union nearly 30 years ago, the impact of communist rule is still hurting places like Russia today.

The study further discovered that the stunted life expectancy in the 70s and 80s among the Eastern Block was also a product of a communist system. Those nations are still working to catch up to the rest of the First World today.

The scientists reported, “The proximate causes for this low life expectancy are complex, but high alcohol consumption, smoking and poor workplace safety, as well as low-quality diet and living conditions associated with lower income levels are implicated.”

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.

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