Chadwick Moore Kicked Out of NYC Gay Bar for Saying Nice Things About Trump

Conservative journalist and Fox News contributor Chadwick Moore took to Twitter Friday morning to claim he’d been booted from a Brooklyn gay bar because people disagreed with his politics.

The bar, Metropolitan, in Williamsburg, claimed in a statement that Moore’s companion had been involved in a fight earlier at another bar and that was the reason he was asked to leave, reports Page Six

“We understand that your political views do not match ours, but that doesn’t mean you are not welcome here,” the bar wrote.

But Moore claimed the dive bar known for bad smells and pissing off its neighbors with noise violations, was lying. 

“There was no fight,” Moore told DANGEROUS. “The bar claimed I’ve been welcome there before and was not kicked out over politics but that is also a lie. The few times I’ve been there, I’ve had bartenders refuse to serve me and I’ve been approached by complete strangers who’d then scream at me for no reason,” he said. 

“You have to understand, these aren’t normal people. They’re leftists,” Moore said. “Therefore, when you say something that challenges their borg-brain, they lash out, they get in your face, it’s like the world is ending. That’s what happened to my companion at the previous bar. Because he said something nice about Trump, a swarm of lefties got in our faces and started shouting.

Leftists actually believe that thinking differently is a crime on par with rape or murder,” he said.  

Several of Moore’s fans on Twitter took the opportunity to ask supporters of the bar if they’d reconsider that whole Christian baker and gay wedding cake thing, in light of many claiming the bar has a right to refuse anyone service as a “private business.”

An Olympiad of mental gymnastics ensued for the bar’s supporters. 

“It’s not like I’m missing anything by being excommunicated from the Metropolitan,” Moore said. “But the hatefulness and intolerance coming from the party of love and tolerance is endlessly amusing and we should continue to laugh at them and expose them.” 






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