PHOTO JOURNEY: Build Walls Not Bridges

MILO: “As a civil rights activist I felt compelled to draw attention to the appalling abuses of safety and public interest built into the tendering process in universities and government departments. These days it’s rare for large construction projects to be awarded solely on merit – too often, bizarre ‘diversity’ criteria are added in the form of quotas so that female or minority-led enterprises have an advantage over other firms. I don’t believe this should be permitted.

“The jury is still out on which of the female-led construction firms is the most responsible for the deadly catastrophe in Florida, but we know that one of them, MCM, has been repeatedly cited and even fined for hiring incompetent, untrained workers. Why can’t contracts just be awarded on merit? If that had happened at FIU, perhaps those poor drivers wouldn’t be dead.

“As an artist and performer I had to visit the site of this feminist failure. Liberals are always telling us we should build bridges, not walls, but with their hiring practices it would be better to leave construction jobs to well-qualified Republicans.”  

MILO wears silk blazer by Balmain, $3,995, black articulated pants by G-Star, $260, snake buckle belt by Gucci, $790, sunglasses by Gucci, $180, velvet embroidered slippers by Versace, $750, diamond stud earrings by Tiffany, $24,500. Custom “DIVERSITY COSTS LIVES” and “BUILD WALLS NOT BRIDGES” shirts created by Milo, Inc. Various other pearls and diamonds, model’s own. Female model: Laura Loomer. Shot on location in Sweetwater, Florida by Matt Perdie. Art direction by MILO.

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Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.

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