Teenage Muslim in Florida Who Went on Knife Rampage Was Under FBI Investigation

A 17-year-old Muslim in Florida has stabbed and murdered one boy and left 2 others severely injured in the name of Islam.

Corey Johnson, a budding jihadist, according to authorities, was attending a sleepover at his friend’s house when he decided to murder Jovanni Brand, a guest of his friend’s older brother.

Elaine Simon, mother of 13-year old Dane Bancroft and 15-year old Kyle Bancroft, heard what she thought sounded like moaning coming from upstairs. Simon went to investigate the noises when she was attacked at the top of the stairs by Johnson wielding a knife.

Listen to 911 call made after BallenIsles triple stabbing by pburke10

Listen to the 911 call that a neighbor makes to 911 after Corey Johnson stabbed a woman, her son and her son’s friend at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens.

Dane rushed to protect his mother and was also attacked by Johnson, though he and Simon both survived. 

Johnson reported to the police that he had committed the murders due to his faith and that he thought Jovanni worshipped celebrities as gods, which was against his religion. Johnson was also upset with Dane because he thought he “made fun of his faith.”

Leading up to the murder, Johnson was studying the Koran on his phone in order to build up courage for the attack. He now awaits sentencing at a juvenile detention center.

Jupiter, Fla. police reported Johnson had been under FBI investigation, claiming an FBI agent told a Jupiter investigator on March 5 that federal authorities were preparing arrest affidavits for Johnson and that would come “in the next several weeks.”

Police reports show authorities were alerted in 2017 that Johnson had reached out to ISIS online and hoped to join. He had also allegedly been watching ISIS beheading videos online. 


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