MOORE: I Can’t For The Life Of Me Work Out Why Democrats Are Stymying This Gay Man’s Career

Senator Lindsay Graham appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show Tuesday and teased a bit of Democrat obstructionism. 

In a transcript published by the Washington Times, Graham suggested an intentional hold has been placed on approving Trump appointee Richard Grenell for one of the most important diplomatic posts in the world.

Hewitt:  Rick Grenell not getting confirmed is an embarrassment. Jens Spahn is going to be the new chancellor, and we don’t have an ambassador over there, and Rick is the perfect guy. Would you go to the leader and get that scheduled?

Graham: Yes, I agree with you.

Hewitt: Will you go and ask him to get it scheduled?

Graham: Sure.

Hewitt: 30 hours is not too much to ask to have the most powerful non-nuclear nation in the world have an ambassador. I just can’t get over this. Is there a hold on him, Senator Graham?

Graham: Yes, I think so.

Hewitt: And who would be the author of that hold?

Graham: Can’t tell you. Don’t know. You don’t have to disclose them.

Hewitt: And so would you be willing to push for a break in that tradition on that? This is dangerous, actually.

Graham: I’ll go to Mitch. Your point is well taken. And one thing you can do is you can push out somebody that has a hold. If you actually bring it to the floor, you smoke them out.

Grenell is among the hundred-plus appointees who has been approved in committee but currently resides in Washington purgatory awaiting a vote on their confirmation. He is the former spokesman for the US Ambassador to the UN under President George W. Bush. He is sublimely qualified but, unfortunately for him, he is also an openly gay conservative. 

Congress has been abysmally slow at approving Trump’s appointees, but Germany is the world’s most important non-nuclear nation, a G7 country, and Europe’s economic powerhouse. Germany would also be a key ally in any confrontation, economic or military, the U.S. engages in with North Korea. 

What could possibly be going on here?

Easy. The Borg-brain party with its jackbooted ability to mobilize suddenly has found itself with nowhere to go. But they do have two things going for them, to which they cling feverishly with gnarled hooves: Trump obstructionism and their Special People’s Club of professional victims.

When you are a political party whose continued existence depends upon convincing people of their own helplessness against an imaginary array of powerful assailants in a made-up, vengeful universe run by invisible Oppression Wizards, people like Richard Grenell–successful, handsome, gay and conservative–represent something like an apocalypse.  

That is why the left-wing smear factory formerly known as the Southern Poverty Law Center can so blithely label Ben Carson a klansman. Or wife-to-a-black-guy MILO a white nationalist. And they still haven’t recovered from Clarence Thomas

The left saves its most ruthless assassination attempts for gays, blacks, and women who’ve stepped off the plantation. Since I came out as a Conservative publicly in 2017, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about all those years lingering around the whipping post. Why didn’t I leave sooner?

A lot of it comes down to confidence. People who don’t have confidence in their abilities, or faith in their own success, are the first to demand the government validate them at the expense of someone else. Couple that with the combined might of the media, political, and entertainment establishments hellbent on convincing Americans they are lesser than because of some immutable characteristic and you’ve got a generational crisis of self-confidence. 

There are fewer people who display more self-empowerment than those “oppressed minorities” who walk away from the Democrat party. They are people who realize, in the end, our entire culture has been built on scary bedtime stories. Grenell’s existence destroys those narratives that without which there would be no Democrat Party. 

Mitch McConnell has the power to call together a vote on Grenell’s nomination but for reasons best known to his wife, recently called out by the God Emperor for being the only person in Washington able to get her appointees quickly confirmed, has yet to do so. What’s the matter, Mitch? 

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Chadwick Moore is a journalist and editor-in-chief of Dangerous. He’s currently working on his first book, a political memoir. Follow him on Twitter.


Chadwick Moore is a journalist, political commentator, and editor-in-chief of DANGEROUS, currently working on his first book. He tweets at @Chadwick_Moore.

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