Big Trans Money Swarms Alaska as Anchorage Brings Bathroom Issue Directly to Voters

Next week voters in Anchorage, Alaska will weigh in on Proposition 1.

If passed, the legislation would permit the municipality, employers, public accommodation, “and other persons” to set sex-specific standards for entry to locker rooms, showers, changing rooms, spas, and restrooms.

The vote is taking place by mail and ballots must be postmarked by April 3. Anchorage is home to over 40 percent of Alaska’s total population.

Proposition 1 defines sex as an immutable characteristic determined by “anatomy and genetics at the time of birth,” but also allows birth certificates as evidence of a person’s sex. The birth certificate exception allows transsexuals, who have had genital reconfiguration surgery, to use opposite sex facilities if they have had their sex changed on their birth certificate, which is legal in 47 states.

In contrast, the new rights push for transgender activists mostly has been about allowing men who keep their genitals access to women’s restrooms and showers. This has raised concern about the heterosexual contingent of transgenders called “autogynephiles.” Autogynephilia, coined by psychologist Ray Blanchard, is a chronic, progressive condition induced by the repetition of a masturbation ritual boys begin in their teens involving fantasizing they are women.

Autogynephiles agitate for the right to use women’s restrooms and showers because they are sexually aroused just by entering them, psychologists say. 

On the other hand, testosterone hormone therapy makes transgender-identified women look so masculine they can usually use mens’ rooms without being challenged. 

The usual playbook transgender activists employ to defeat proposed bathroom laws is to go door-to-door without giving all the real reasons some people identify as transgender and want access to women’s facilities.

Of course, right now in Anchorage it’s a bit too cold to that. The vote is the second time the transgender bathroom issue will be taken directly to the people. In 2015, voters in Houston, Texas rejected a referendum, also named Proposition 1, that would have forced private businesses and public spaces to allow transgenders to use the restroom of their choice or be fined. 

A referendum to repeal “gender identity” as a protected class from Massachusetts’ civil rights law was successful and will be on the November 2018 ballot.

Activists are nervous and in targeting Alaska have launched a TV advertising campaign featuring a deep-voiced, transgender-identified teenage girl pleading for “safety” in access to using the men’s room. National transgender activist organizations are no stranger to pouring money into local bathroom battles as a means to demonstrate their power and what they will do to anyone who defies their agenda.

Anchorage Dad: Proposition 1 Will Harm My Transgender Son

As a parent, David Lockard will do whatever it takes to protect his children-and that includes voting NO on Proposition 1, which would roll back protections for transgender people like his teenage son Col. Anchorage: Vote NO on Proposition 1 because everyone deserves the same basic protections under the law.

feature image via Anchorage Daily News

Cynthia Yockey covers transgender issues for DANGEROUS and is the author of War in the Women’s Room: How to Get Men in Dresses Out of Women’s Spaces, Save Your Children from Confusion About Their Sex, and Undo the Transgender Coup, forthcoming from DANGEROUS Books.

She came out as a lesbian in 1971 as a student at the University of Michigan and became a registered Republican in 2008. Yockey’s research and independent journalism is funded entirely by readers. Please help support her work by clicking the Donate button below. Follow her on Twitter @conservativelez


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