MILO: Sorry To Say It, But America’s Conservative Movement Lacks Courage

Say what you want about today’s antifa soy boys, but it takes a degree of intestinal fortitude to mask up and physically assault people and smash up property.

Even if these nancy-boy progressives ultimately possess only the brittle courage of the playground bully, they at least have the instinct to take to the streets when their principles are threatened.

To understand what they are most threatened by, consider whom they expend the most effort to shut down. Trump, Mike Cernovich, Pamela Geller, your humble correspondent. They swing into action every time we appear in public, hurling themselves at the offending speaker, intimidating business partners, ticket holders, speakers. Anyone is fair game: our spouses, our friends, even our children. They are determined to destroy us whatever they may lose of their own integrity in the process.

It can be terrifying.

No such fear is created in the mind of the enemy by the conservative movement. Conservatives – donor class, thought leaders and base alike – talk a good game about revolution and resistance, but their courage so far has been largely restricted to the ballot box and social media. I’m afraid to say, they lack courage. They have been brainwashed into thinking that taking the moral high ground and sitting quietly while the enemy rampages outside will be enough. It will not. We tried playing nice and having good manners, and it has proven itself wholly ineffective.

Conservatives don’t just fail to appear in large numbers to will their vision of the good life into existence. They even lack the courage to stand up for fellow warriors in trouble. When I was banned from Twitter, I did not expect a march on Twitter’s offices in San Francisco. But now, when we have seen conservatives and libertarians systematically scrubbed from every major social network and as the reality of this new censorship finally sets in, I see complainers, not organizers.

There is no reflexive impulse to take to the streets when a conservative is wronged. It doesn’t matter if you think I’m superficial and vain and attention-seeking, or if you think Alex Jones says things that aren’t true. You don’t have to agree with everything – or even anything – a person says to angrily stand up for their right to say it. Martin Niemöller’s injunction concerning political courage has never been more relevant: if you don’t stand up for the Pamela Gellers today, it will be someone you like more tomorrow. And a month or a year from now, it will be you.

So long as this situation obtains, the Left is going to keep winning and we will never reclaim the universities or any other battleground in a culture war that will define whether America survives as a strong, free nation or sinks inexorably into decadence and decline. So long as conservatives care more about what other people think than they do striking terror into the hearts of those who would destroy this great country, the Left will emerge victorious.

CNN and antifa and the college professors indoctrinating your children do not respect the rules of engagement. They aren’t going to respect you for playing fair. They will shout you down and keep shouting until you have no more breath left in your body – unless you shout them down first. They are dedicated to your destruction and they will stop at nothing until it is achieved. When is the Right going to realize this, and act accordingly?

There are of course conservatives who are courageous. Most of the Armed Forces and law enforcement are Republicans. But they are, for good reason, prevented from acting on their political urges. It now falls on conservatives and libertarians elsewhere in society to take up the mantle of war and at last fight fire with fire.

We used to laugh at “slacktivists” – liberals who think changing their Twitter avatar was equivalent to real-world action. But it’s tough to see how today’s conservative movement is much different. If the Left were being censored, suppressed and discriminated against on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to the extent conservatives and libertarians are, the offices of these companies would have been stormed by armed insurgents.

I am not proposing such a retaliatory measure. We can and must act within the law. But where is the million man march on Facebook for its crimes? Why is Twitter still a going concern? Are you not furious enough yet at the sociopathy and cruelty they display when they silence us – and then gloat about it?

Have conservative journalists and thought leaders really done so poor a job of explaining the stakes? The misdeeds and vicissitudes of professors, journalists, actors and politicians are nothing compared to the reality-bending power of Google, which can effectively erase a person from existence at a stroke. Do these injustices not move you? If not, what will?

We already know what these companies and individuals believe and the depths they are prepared to plumb to achieve their objectives. We have seen them assassinate the reputations of our favourite leaders and activists and destroy the livelihoods of decent Americans. How much more are they up to of which we are not even aware? Are conservatives and libertarians really going to sleepwalk to this Orwellian future, putting up no more fight than a few memes and quickly-censored Facebook statuses? The magnitude of the assault on conservative and libertarian values, on freedom, on democracy and on the Constitution itself currently being played out in the tech industry calls for action and reprisals – else we should resign ourselves to despair.

The dinosaurs in nominal charge of conservatism in America – the National Review and CPAC crowd – go out of their way to punish and ridicule conservative radicals like Pamela, Mike and me, because we have the temerity and gaucheness to step out from behind our keyboards and take to the streets. We take the tools of the Left and turn them back on our oppressors. So no, your aristocracy will not help. They believe they are safe because they have done as the Left demanded and stayed polite, well-mannered and out of trouble. They don’t care that in the process, they became utterly ineffective… so long as they stay alive.

These Vichy conservatives are worse than our enemy: they are silent collaborators with the forces of evil, ostracising and demeaning anyone who dares to stick their neck out and say or do something truly dangerous. They must be destroyed if we are to triumph over Satan.

In today’s episode of THE MILO SHOW I’ll be playing video of the Left in action on college campuses in the US and the UK, and then giving just a brief snapshot of the many conservatives driven from public life by Silicon Valley. I urge you to tune in and consider the future if we don’t act now against the tech giants and the other forces of suppression in American public life.

Protest and mass civil disobedience has been the exclusive province of the Left for decades – perhaps generations. If that doesn’t end within the next few years, all is lost. You think putting Trump in office was enough? Think again. We have two generations of war ahead, and the Left isn’t afraid of you. In fact, they’re still laughing at you. What are you going to do about it?


Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and host of THE MILO SHOW. 


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Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.

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