Transgender Woman to Perform Baritone Male Role in Tulsa Opera

Baritone Lucia Lucas will become the first transgender-identified person to sing a principal role in an opera in the U.S. when he portrays Don Giovanni. 

The opera of the same name, written by Mozart, is slated to run in May 2019 in Tulsa. Lucas was born a man and identifies as a woman. 

Tulsa World reports artistic director Tobias Picker released a statement saying the Tulsa Opera 2018-2019 season “will be a testament to the company’s commitment to casting without regard to ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.” 

Lucas, 37, was born in California and resides in Wuppertal, Germany, with his wife. He came out as transgender in May 2014 after determining that taking estrogen would not mar his singing voice as testosterone may do to the voices of female to male transgenders. Heterosexuality and transitioning later in life are often characteristics of the type of transgenderism called autogynephilia.

In 2017, under the headline “A Modern Diva,” Lucas told Accent, “In performances I play men about 90 percent of the time.” 

Tulsa Opera CEO Greg Weber told NBC News that “the Tulsa Opera has a history of casting young talent with significant potential.”

Feature image via Accent


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