Transgender Activists ‘Transjack’ Popular Speedrunning Event for Gamers

Video game fans of speedrunning are complaining that their favorite event of the year was “transjacked” by an influx of autogynephilic transgender incels.

In January, the bi-annual, charity speedrunning event Awesome Games Done Quick saw a 20 per cent drop off in viewership after new transgender-sensitive rules, reprisals, and censorship tactics were implemented. 

Increasingly, the gaming industry has become populated with men who’ve discovered that identifying as transgender can be like a magic potion, one that grants totalitarian powers while requiring minimal effort in terms of changing one’s appearance, hormones, and genital status.

And those with autism spectrum disorder may be more susceptible to buying into transgender dogma. 

Hundreds of thousands of fans may watch speedrunning events at a time, where skilled gamers play games at high speed with amusing and informative commentary, and the livestream chat often takes on a festive atmosphere, with commentary, emotes–custom emoticons created by gamers–and memes deployed to cheer or heckle the streamer, the game, or other fans.

At AGDQ, speedrunning fans were first dismayed to discover they had to pay a $5 subscription fee in order to participate in the livestream chat.

“Free the plebs,” became the rallying cry for many fans.

danSexy emote

Then, the AGDQ audience discovered thousands of their comments were being deleted and they were effectively paying money to be censored. The censorship extended to the emotes such as  a popular one by DansGaming called “danSexy,” which was banned in July 2017 after a transgender-identified gamer named ProtomagicalGirl denounced it as “transphobic.”

Speedrunning fans took to Reddit to make sense of suddenly getting pushed out of the AGDQ gaming event with many pondering the paradox that the self-proclaimed transgender victims were actually vicious bullies.

“I’m so curious about the motivation,” wrote one Redditor. “Have the transgender speedrunners been waiting to participate until this year, and decided on it in a moment of solidarity? Did a bunch of previously male-identifying individuals all decide to transition identities over the past year and nobody saw it coming? …The gender identities of these people, in the end, have nothing to do with their runs, and they ideally shouldn’t steer the conversation since this is supposed to be about games and charity. However, it’s hard to avoid when it’s this prevalent, even for someone like me who tries to just roll with it.”

The commenter is correct. There IS a sudden, global pandemic of transgenderism. Psychotherapist Lisa Marchiano says the phenomenon is characteristic of a psychic epidemic that is being spread by social contagion from transgender activists re-branding the normal variations of male and female behaviors as transgender. It has a name: Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.

The transgender social contagion is hitting the gaming community especially hard because people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) leverage their ASD traits to excel at gaming, but people with ASD also are extremely vulnerable to being taken in by the recruiting techniques of transgender activists. A Dutch study showed that children and teens who believe they were born in the wrong body are almost eight times more likely than others to have ASD.

Another Redditor posits that many transgender-identified speedrunners also have ASD, and notes that autistic traits like shyness and social awkwardness are more tolerated in females than males.

So you have a bunch of autists who speedrun video games. They’re not very manly, and their autism statistically is going to mean they don’t mesh socially in a traditional way. The autist looks at himself, and sees that he does not fit in the societal mold of “a real man”, and reconciles this in one of two ways.

The first is he accepts that he doesn’t have to fit the most stereotypical male gender role, but this understanding can be difficult when you’re very unsure about your understanding of society, social interactions, and also when as an autistic speedrunner you’ve maybe been called a “faggot” frequently by alpha male types.

The other way to reconcile this is to accept that you clearly are not a man, but instead a woman; now all of your perceived failings are instead proof that you were a woman all along, and now instead of being an awkward guy you’re a cute, bashful girl.

Except instead of being a cute girl, you may end up looking like an unwashed ogre. Also, you just got tricked into believing that being autistic and unhappy means you’re really a girl, and because you have autism you have trouble figuring out when people are lying to you.

In their Reddit refuge, the speedrunning fans asked each other why AGDQ couldn’t keep its old rules and be boisterous, freewheeling, and fun again.

2018 AGDQ transgender group photo

“Back when chat was free, I was absolutely fixed to my computer screen,” another Redditor recalls. “I’d post something, and sure, it immediately joined the swarm of other comments out there. But the important part was that…so much other stuff was happening too. That cool-down timer in slow mode would be ticking, and cool shit was happening, but I had to wait before I could once again contribute to the swarm. It was like a recursive structure that I was caught up in, and it was so much fun because of that.

“While I’d be waiting for a good moment to use up my next available comment,” he added, “I’d briefly see something witty get immediately swallowed up, and it seemed funnier that way. It was just like, wait, did I really just see that? Suddenly, something awesome would happen on screen, and you’d join in the slow-mode queue once again.”

Games Done Quick has two events a year where they gather speedrunners to play games for its in-person and online audiences and collect donations to raise money for charity. The Games Done Quick media contact did not respond to an email request for comment.

At the January 2018 Awesome Games Done Quick, GDQ raised $2.3 million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The donations for Summer Games Done Quick in 2017 totaled $1.8 million for Doctors Without Borders.

It matters that transjackers drove away over 20 percent of AGDQ 2018’s speedrunning audience because the donors are likely to go next.


Transjacking: when transgender-identified people, almost all born male, invade a space to convert it to their purposes and subject participants to their totalitarian dogmas, instead of starting an event themselves.

Incels: Internet-speak for males who are involuntarily celibate for so, so many reasons.

Autogynephilia: a sex-fueled mental illness coined by Ray Blanchard and defined as “a man’s paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman.” 


Cynthia Yockey covers transgender issues for DANGEROUS and is the author of War in the Women’s Room: How to Get Men in Dresses Out of Women’s Spaces, Save Your Children from Confusion About Their Sex, and Undo the Transgender Coup, forthcoming from DANGEROUS Books.

She came out as a lesbian in 1971 as a student at the University of Michigan and became a fiscal conservative and registered Republican in 2008. Yockey’s research and independent jouranlism is funded entirely by readers. Please help support her work by clicking the Donate button below. 


feature image: AGDQ 2018 via The Game Haus

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