MILO: UCLA Canceled My Speech 24 Hours After Tickets Went on Sale

Against the wishes of its own members, the board of the Bruin Republicans has caved to intense pressure from the UCLA faculty and one of its advisors and voted to cancel the event, less than 24 hours after putting tickets on sale.

This follows UCLA faculty members placing op eds in multiple news outlets over the past 24 hours.

Student members were not in agreement but multiple votes were taken at the insistence of a small group of Milo sceptics on the board until finally the group voted to cancel. (Repeating referenda until you get the result you want while intimidating your opponents? Robert Mugabe would be proud.)

Students informed Milo Inc of the decision Wednesday night. They told us they had been threatened by other members of the Bruin Republicans with expulsion from the board if they did not cancel the event.

In two years, and dozens of colleges, I have never seen students crumble this quickly before. And all because I wanted to tell a few jokes about MS-13. It’s shameful. 60 million people in America voted for Donald Trump and their point of view is being exterminated from public life — with the help of so-called Republicans on campus. This is why the Left wins and will continue to win the big cultural victories: conservatives in this country have no stomach for the fight.

Milo Inc had spent tens of thousands of dollars in staff time and planning for the event, which has been on the books for three months. Milo Inc asked repeatedly if the Bruin Republicans were getting cold feet and were told that the event would proceed. The multiple rounds of voting were taken after the event had been confirmed and tickets had gone on sale, violating the agreement the Bruin Republicans had with Milo Inc.

It’s shameful that UCLA’s faculty would apply such enormous pressure to students. Professors know students are easily intimidated and will fold quickly. A faculty advisor to the Bruin Republicans, Gabriel Rossman, in an op ed for the Weekly Standard, threatened to cut all ties with the Bruin Republicans unless they cancelled my show. It’s intimidation, plain and simple. This is a new front in the Left’s war on campus conservatism: applying pressure in the media while pretending to respect free speech to bully students into canceling the most popular — and therefore the most dangerous — conservative speakers.

I’m not even far-right, or all that controversial. I’m a gay Jewish immigrant married to an African-American who talks about free speech. But because I’m effective, and popular, and because unlike other conservative speakers I persuade moderates, the censors go crazy any time my name is mentioned. And so do the snobs of the Republican establishment who can’t understand how someone as gauche and attention seeking as me could possibly be popular.

A MILO talk makes money for college students, because we share the profits of ticket sales with our host organization. Most speakers leave their hosts $20,000 poorer when they leave. But I leave them richer.

I was planning to show up dressed as my genderqueer social justice alter ego Styrm (that’s Storm with a y) to explain how importing Mexican patriarchy would hurt marginalized communities in America. But I guess another university will get to enjoy the show — and the profits — instead.


Tickets for my February 23 speech in Phoenix, AZ are available Tickets for my speech in Washington DC during CPAC, “A Night for Freedom,” are available at

Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning investigative reporter and the New York Times-bestselling author of DANGEROUS.

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