DANGEROUS Serves 1.7 Million Pages In First Week Live


DANGEROUS, a news and commentary site launched by MILO, Inc. on November 30, served 1.7 million pages on its first week in operation to over 360,000 unique visitors.

In its first full week live, DANGEROUS attracted 365,087 unique visitors and served 1,773,326 page views, with pages per session averaging 3.3 for the week of December 3 to December 9. 77 per cent of visitors were new to the site.

The majority of DANGEROUS readers are in the United States (63 per cent), followed by Australia (10 per cent), the U.K. (6 per cent), Canada (5.5 per cent) and Japan (2.64 per cent).

DANGEROUS replaced MILO News on Nov. 29, but the site quickly crashed due to a server overload following publication of MILO’s first column for the site, “I, Too, Was Sexually Harassed–By My Journalistic Mentor.” It was redeployed with increased server capacity shortly thereafter.

DANGEROUS publishes news, original features, exclusive video, and commentary seven days a week from an expanding list of regular contributors, including Pamela Geller, Vox Day, and David Horowitz. MILO also writes a weekly column on DANGEROUS, published Fridays.

“Our team is boundless and relentless,” said editor-in-chief Chadwick Moore. “DANGEROUS will become the premier destination online for conservative and libertarian news, commentary, and general hell-raising.”  

“We’re also required to report on MILO’s hair and shit like that, but we’ll never shy away from stories about him getting fat, or when he makes one of his rare but heinous fashion missteps,” Moore added.

Chadwick Moore is a journalist, political commentator, and editor-in-chief of DANGEROUS, currently working on his first book. He tweets at @Chadwick_Moore.

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