EXCLUSIVE: MILO to Expose Sordid, Sexually Abusive, Hypocritical World of Hollywood in New Book

Dangerous Books, a division of MILO, Inc., has announced that it will publish DESPICABLE, a tell-all expose on how it became more dangerous in Hollywood to be a Republican than a child molester.

DESPICABLE paints a horrific picture of the abuses of men, women and children at the hands of some of the richest and most powerful people in America.

The book is authored by award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author, Milo Yiannopoulos. It will be released on May 1, 2018.

Harnessing an exclusive network of high-profile sources, DESPICABLE takes readers on

a journey into the sordid, sexually abusive, hypocritical world of Hollywood and the connected worlds of music, the media and Democrat politics. The book will share first-person accounts of abuse of actors, musicians and other friends in the author’s address book who will, in DESPICABLE, name their abusers. DESPICABLE is the true story of Hollywood that only Milo could tell, taking aim not just at Hollywood’s abusers, but at the women who protected them.

Milo will also, for the first time, speak in detail about his own experiences as a victim of sexual assault as a child, and about the sexual harassment he received in the media industry as a young journalist.

In this new book, MILO explains how Hollywood’s recent box-office disasters stem from the same cancerous center as its constant finger-wagging and virtue-signaling – a collapse in moral foundations into self-destructive nihilism. And the allegations currently leveled against Tinseltown’s power players are just the start of it. Whether Hollywood can survive will depend on this ossified, narcissistic and ideologically homogenous industry’s ability to accept the only diversity that matters – diversity of thought and opinion.

“In DESPICABLE, I will finally shine a spotlight on these abusers, who for too long have been able to hide their crimes,” said Yiannopoulos. “This book will show the links – financial and otherwise – between Hollywood and the Democrat Party, and illustrate how an industry that used to inspire the world became a cesspool of moral decrepitude, lecturing the rest of us on how to live while turning a blind eye to appalling abuses on its own doorstep. And I don’t care how many bridges I have to burn to bring my readers the truth they deserve to hear.”

“If America’s college professors thought I was a waking nightmare, wait until Hollywood publicists get a load of me,” he added.

Limited quantities of signed, first editions of DESPICABLE are available for pre-order today at DangerousBoutique.com


Chadwick Moore is a journalist, political commentator, and editor-in-chief of DANGEROUS, currently working on his first book. He tweets at @Chadwick_Moore.

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