Petition To Label Antifa As A Terrorist Organization Hits 100k Signatures

A petition that called on President Trump to label Antifa as a criminal organization has hit the 100,000 signatures required to receive a response from the White House. 

The petition was launched last week on Thursday, August 17, and in just three days, hit the target of 100,000 responses needed for the White House to give a formal response.

The Obama administration had committed to giving a response within 30 days of any petition which gained at least 100,000 signatures and had answered over 300 of them since 2011 when “We The People” was created.

The Antifa organization has recently been the bane of free speech advocates and anyone with an opposing viewpoint.

Below are just some of the ways Antifa has used violence to protest free speech.

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ANTIFA Assaulting People Compilation

A compiliation of ANTIFA also known as Antifaschistische Aktion assaulting people. Many Trump supporters, and people that disagree with ANTIFA were harmed in the making of this video. First Video: 0:00 Second Video Starts at: 0:54 Third Video Starts at: 7:32 What is ANTIFA? When googled it spits out “WHAT IS ANTIFA?


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Due to the amount of destruction and violence caused by Antifa when they rioted at Berkeley to protest MILO speaking, campus representatives have said they are prepared to spend up to half a million dollars to protect MILO in the upcoming Free Speech Week.

“We want to bring together liberals, conservatives, and whatever libertarians aren’t too busy mining Bitcoin, to celebrate free speech. In the not too distant past, that is what every day at American universities was about. Now free speech is shunned, and in some cases violently shut down. The free speech movement is being reborn at Berkeley, next month, by us,” MILO said while describing Free Speech Week. 

With themes such as Feminism Awareness Day and a whole day dedicated to talking about Islam, one can expect Antifa to crash the party.

It is very unlikely that President Trump will name Antifa as a terrorist organization by that point, however, if he decides to label them as such in the future, it will be a big win for free speech.

Featured Image Via Infowars